How to Earn Money Online for students without investment

Earn money online for students without investment in India


My dear student, Why are you so tensed? Are you tired of searching how to Earn Money Online for students without investment in google? Stop searching. I will give you the best online opportunity to earn extra bucks for pocket money. 


There are many students who want to earn extra money from online without investment which can help their pocket money and fill the fees. 

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Recently I have searched in google how to earn money online for students without investment, where I found some genuine and some fake opportunities. But in this article, you will find 100 percent genuine opportunities to earn money online. 


I personally suggest do not invest money on any website to earn money online. There are plenty of opportunities available online to earn money without investment.


You can use this amazing make money online opportunity and earn money nicely along with your study. But I would like to suggest that you concentrate on your study as well. 


Just spend only 2 to 3 hours daily or weekly to earn money online. Because ultimately your education will decide your future and career. 

”Earn Money by taking a simple Survey online”

As these days most students have online classes from home, they can utilize their minimal time in a day to earn some money from online to help their needy.


I will not explain each and everything about these make money online earning opportunities. You can go to my previous articles to know more details. Go to the Earn Money Online (ಹಣ ಗಳಿಸು) tab in the menu bar. There you find all the details regarding Online earnings.


Top 10 How to earn money online for students without investment in India

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is a famous freelance marketplace company. Fiverr is based in Israel country. It is a genuine and 100 percent trusted freelancing company. 


Fiverr offers various types of freelancing jobs. Anybody can register on Fiverr with free of cost. You no need to pay money to register here. Now, what is freelancing? I guess this is not the right time to explain what is freelancing. You can check out google to know about freelancing. 


Freelancing work is the best platform for students to make good money online. Here you need to use your special skill to earn money. Students can earn a lot of money by giving services to clients.


Click the link below to join

Fiverr Signup






  • INRDeals

Most of the students love to do shopping, that too girls. Now you can earn the profit from every shopping your friends’ relatives do online, it may be from any e-commerce platform. INRDeals gives you this amazing opportunity.


INRDeals has plenty of products deals, offers, coupons listed on it. You can copy the products, offers, or coupons referral link and share with your friends. And also you can share the referral link on social media as well. Once the customer purchases the products through your link, you will get amazing commissions. 

INRdeals registration is completely free. You don’t need to spend money to register. It is worth a website for students to earn online. 


Click the link below to join

Join INRDeal






  •  AngelOne DRA Partner Program

AngelOne is India’s top stock brokerage company. Which is now giving the opportunity to the customer to earn extra income without investment and trading through AngeOne DRA Partner Program (Angel Broking DRA Program).


In this program, you just need to have the AngelOne Demat account or you need to open a New Demat account in AngelOne. After that, you can apply for AngelOne DRA Partner Program. In this program, you can earn a very good income for a life time.


Click the link below to join

AngelOne DRA Program






  • Meesho

Meesho is the indias largest online reseller app. Anybody can download the Meesho app and register to become a reseller. There are lakhs of products available on the Meesho app to resell.


It is also can be used as an online shopping app. There is no eligibility required to become a Meesho reseller. After registering yourself in Meesho, you can download the catalogs to your phone and share it in Whatsapp status deciding your own price. You can earn a respective income from Meesho.


Click the below to Downlaod

Meesho App Download






  • Upstox Referrals 

Upstox is India’s largest stock trading platform with the existing more than 3 million traders and investors. If you have enough money then you can also invest and trade in this platform to make a profit.


But I am not here to tell you to invest money, As a student, you do not invest money anywhere. Refer the people to the Upstox platform to open a new Demat account by sharing referral links on social media. By this, you will earn 500 Rs per account opening in Upstox.


Click the link below to join

Upstox App download






  • RozDhan App

RozDhan app is basically a video-sharing content-sharing mobile application. In this app there are a lot of games and mind activities available. By playing games, solving puzzles, and participating in quizzes you can earn coins. That coin will be converted to money. You can withdraw the earned money instantly to your Paytm wallet.


Also, you can share your referral code with your friends, and then you will earn 20+ Rs from each referral. This is the best app to earn money, especially for students because most of this particular age they like to play online games. And on this platform by playing games they can earn money as well.


Click the link below to Download

RozDhan App Download






  • CoinDCX App

The cryptocurrency world is now booming. Many countries have regulated some cryptocurrencies as their official currency and to use them as normal transactions. One of the top crypto coins Bitcoin has reached almost 50 Lakhs per coin. It is at an all-time high.


In fact, India also thinking of regulating cryptocurrency, as it is started to ruling the world. Coindcx gives easy access to buy bitcoin. If you buy crypto today, it will make you a millionaire one day. 


But again I will not recommend investing money in any platform. However, you can earn a lot of money from this app by sharing your referral link in social media.


Click the link below to join

CoinDCX App download






  • WazirX App

WazirX app is India’s largest platform to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. WazirX giving a very good referral income for the customers. It is providing 50% of referral commissions to its customers. 


Just you need to download the app through the given link below. And sign up with your details. And make sure your KYC should be done. Once you get more referrals you will earn a 50% commission from each referral. Later you can buy any crypto from that money at any time.


Click the link below to join

WazirX App download






  • Amazon associate program

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. There are very few people who have not used Amazon in the world. Most smartphones made the Amazon app as the default app. Now everybody prefers Amazon applications to shop online.


Amazon Associate Program or AmazonAffiliate program allows you to share any product links on any platform and earn commission from every successful sale. Different products have their own commission rates allocated. 


Click the link below to join

Amazon Affiliate Program






  • YouTube Shorts

Youtube Shorts is the simplest method to earn money online. You can upload any eye-catching video in youtube shorts. Videos must be below 1-minute length. Now a days Youtube Shorts are trending. People prefer to watch short videos rather than long videos. So the short videos getting the highest views in a very less span of time. 


It is easy to make any random short videos. For that, you must have some simple photo editing, video editing applications. I personally recommend Canva photo Editing App to do all this stuff.  Because photo editing, video editing, free video are all you get in this single app Canva. You can share any affiliate in the description of short videos. There are a lot of chances to get more conversion from this.


Click the link below to join







All the Best


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Q: How can I earn money at home as a student?

A: There are plenty of opportunities available on the internet to earn money without investment.

Q: Is it safe to choose online jobs to earn money?

A: On the internet, many websites collect your KYC for the purpose of their promotion by saying pay for a click. Beware of that kind of fake apps. Check my blog coolinglass’s App review page to find the app is real or fake?

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