Gold Miner App is Real or Fake | Genuine review about Gold Miner App

Genuine review about Gold Miner App | Gold Miner App is Real or Fake 

Welcome to friends. In this article, I will try to give you the details about the newly launched earning app from the mobile Gold Miner App. It is a good habit to find the Gold Miner App is real or fake before investing in it. 


In this article, we will discuss what is Gold Miner App? How to download the Gold Miner app? Is the Gold Miner app legit or a scam? It is important to know all of this information before investing in any earning application. 


I am sure this Gold Miner app review will give you the best knowledge about this application to decide whether you can invest in it and whether the Gold miner app is real or fake.I have already reviewed many earning apps and most people have taken advantage of those articles. Innocent people are able to learn about those fraudulent applications and have stopped making further investments. I’m very happy with this.


Nowadays there are a lot of people looking for a good opportunity to Earn money online without investing. But unfortunately, most people get caught up in fraud apps. People may have already lost a lot of money When they come to know about such fraudulent applications

So, again I am quoting the point that, before investing and referring others for such an application, it is your responsibility to learn about the reality of that particular application. Online there are many familiar websites available to check about the domain registration details and website or apps details. Like,,, etc.

gold miner app real or fake

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Let’s discuss about Gold Miner – Gold Invest Tool application. 


Points to be Notice: 

These points will give you a proper picture of whether the Gold Miner App is real or fake


  1. There is no official website available for this Gold Miner App
  2. There is no owner information available.
  3. No Privacy policy is available
  4. No Disclaimer is available. 
  5. Very lucrative plan as the common trick by fraudulent apps
  6. Irrelevant tasks to do
  7. There is no such mining that can be provided for gold.
  8. It uses the same method used by other Fraud applications. 
  9. No future plan
  10. Simply designed to loot money from investors
  11. No proper detail is available on the internet regarding this app.
  12. Domain registered just a few weeks ago
  13. Recharging plan for earning is a common trick used by fraudsters
  14. Contact details are not available.
  15. They claim that they will give support on WhatsApp and telegram. But identity will be hidden
  16. Provided Bangalore location address but not sure. 
  17. No official contact details are available
  18. They claim fake GST and Tax deduction
  19. Point of contact are hidden identities.
  20. Fake contact number +1.4806242505
  21. Domain registrant detail is  in Vietnam
  22. Provided random letters ‘essdfv’ in the pace of state names. 
  23. Domain registrant email address is in Vietnam
  24. Most of the fraudsters operate from China, Taiwan, Iceland, Hong Kong
  25. IP Address located in Vietnam
  26. Most of the time you will get withdrawal problems on these types of fraud apps.


Gold Miner App is real Or fake?

Yes, It is a fake application. It is a newly launched application to earn money by investment. I strongly do not recommend to invest in this app. Of course, in the initial days of the app launch, it will give you a lucrative income from the app to gain the trust of the people. It is a common trick by fraudsters. 

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Is Gold Miner App is a scam?

Yes, It is a Scam. I would never recommend investing in this app. These kinds of apps most of the time operate from outside India. Most of the time they are from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Iceland countries.


They collect your mobile numbers along with the address details and bank account details to trap you in their future fraud plan as well. Never give your bank details and UPI details on unauthorized applications. Your account may be hacked. 


Download Gold Miner App

The gold miner app was launched just weeks ago. It is not listed in the google play store as well. Can not say when it gets removed from the google play store. The Apk version is also available on the internet. I do not recommend to download this app. 


The fraud app link


Gold Miner App Money withdrawal 

As usual in the initial days, this app will give all the withdrawals without any restriction. And this time you can earn a good amount of money. But Gradually they will keep your withdrawals pending and start to give you the GST, Tax, Bank, so and so reasons.  



Finally, I would like to conclude by saying beware of this kind of fraud app. Not only lose your money by investing in this kind of app but also your confidential information will be leaked to other fraudulent websites. 


You can complain against any fraudulent application on a Cyber-crime Department online.


How to Make Money Online without investment?

There are many legit ways to make money online without investment. Check My blog for Earn money online opportunities. I have written about many good opportunities to make money online where you can earn good income from home and mobile itself.  You can choose as per your requirement. You can earn money by investing and also without investment. 


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Q: How to withdraw money from Gold Miner App?

A: Most of the time they will provide withdrawals directly to your wallet. But before investing check about the application legitness.


Q: Is Gold Miner app good for investment?

A: No, It is not good for investment. 


Q: Gold Miner earning app is Indian?

A: No it is not an Indian app. It is a Vietnamese app.


Q: Who is the owner of the Gold Miner App?

A: Owner identity is hidden. It is operating from Vietnam. 


Q: Gold Miner app customer care number

A: If possible try to contact this address for assistance- No.2, Berlie St, Langford Town, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka


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