Top 3 Make Money Online Opportunities 2023 | Best Work From Home Opportunities

Best Work From Home Opportunities and Commission based Part-Time Jobs

 Here I will list the Top 3 Make Money Online Opportunities and these are all genuine and 100% working Make Money Online and Work From Home Opportunities and some commission-based Part-Time Jobs where you can work using your smartphone itself. Make sure you sign up with accurate details and finish all the steps before start working on it. 

In this lockdown time, most people are searching for part-time jobs where they can generate extra income. But some of the people may be seeking full-time jobs as they lost jobs due to the corona pandemic effect. 


In online there are a lot of part-time job opportunities are available. But Out of 100, only 30% are genuine and 40% may be fake and the rest of them are difficult to generate expected income from it. So you need to find which is genuine and which is a dummy.


But here which I am going to list, they are all 100 %  genuine and 100 % income-based opportunitie

s. I am damn sure you will find good and genuine income from one of these opportunities. I only recommend those which I have tried myself and generated income from them. 

These Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities are all the free and legit applications where you can earn unlimited passive income. 

Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities | Best Applications to earn money online without investment

online money making

Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities

Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities

  1. Meesho online Reselling App
  2. Rozdhan Online Earning App
  3. Angel One DRA Program


Meesho Online Reselling App

Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities

Meesho earn money is one of the best online reselling application compare to other in these days. It is the number 1 reselling app in India.

Meesho has already crossed over 1 crore, successful users. Meesho has already a record of generating 80 crores in revenue for its customer.


How do I earn from Meesho?

Meesho is an app where you can earn money by selling different items which are available on its app.

Meesho has technical-related stuff, fashion, and lifestyle products for the customer to resell through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

You can make good commissions from each product which you will sell from meesho.

You can earn easily 50,000 to 70,000 from Meesho. There are many resellers who are earning 1 lakh a month. Through this, they become independent and successful entrepreneurs. Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer

The best part of this earning app is you do not need to invest a single amount in your business. You just need to share the products in WhatsApp status or Facebook pages and groups.

How to Install and register in meesho?

To earn from meesho, you need to download the application through the given download link below.

If you are downloading from the play store directly then update below referral code in-app to get the discount benefit.


Why should download from referral link?

If you download the meesho app using the given link in this article, then you will get an extra 200 rupees bonus.

You can download the app anywhere from this article through the link. Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer

Do not forget to update the referral code in Meesho app after downloading  – IVBJVNW27778

The complete steps by step information I have explained in another article are particularly related to Meesho Earning App.

Refer article How to earn money through Meesho earning App. In this article, you will learn about how to get registered in meesho, how to place an order in meesho, and how to collect payment from customers in meesho.

Meesho App Download Link

Download Meesho Free and Earn Money

RozDhan – Mobile Gaming and earning App

RozDhan - Mobile Gaming and earning App

Rozdhan App is one of the best-earning app in India to earn money through playing games, playing quiz and some more interesting tasks. The best part is you do not need to invest any amount in this app.

You can also earn money by referring this app to your friends. It is a 100 % legit application to earn money with entertainment.

I would like to say one thing, the ads which appear in-app will disturb you some time. But you can ignore it.

How can I earn money from Rozdan App

Rozdhan is one of the simple application to make money in India.  By doing the daily tasks you can level up your stage in the application so you can earn money.

For the first download and register in the app, you will get direct upto 80 rupees. Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer

You can earn money by doing easy tasks, logging into apps daily basis, playing quizzes and other games. In the Rozdhan application, you will learn new things, good knowledge along earning money.

The minimum redeem amount is 1 rupee.  And you can get upto 2,332 rs weekly.


How to download the Rozdhan app

Rozdhan application will work only on smartphones. Once you click to download the link it will redirect to the google play store.

In google play store, Roz Dhan application has a four-star rating out of five. Best reviews are given by its users.

To download the Rozdhan application you can click below. And it will provide a welcome bonus 80 Rs will credit to your wallet.


Rozdhan Downloading link

Download Rozdhan App

Earn Money from Angel Broking DRA

Earn Money from Angel Broking DRA

Angel broking is India’s oldest and most trusted stock trading full-service retail broking platform. As you know angel one provides different types of trading opportunities for the users with several benefits.

But I have already explained how to invest in Angel broking in the previous article and in our youtube channel. you can refer to it to learn to trade. So in this article, i am not going to explain trading. Because this article belongs to only for free earning purposes.

So here we will know how we can earn money in angel broking without investment.

Actually angel one introduced a referral program where you can earn money by referring your friend to angel one stock brokerage company. That is called Angel One DRA Program.

There are many people who become DRA and earning more than 10 lakh per month just by inviting new users to Angel One. Most of the people getting new openings through their youtube channels, blogs, Facebook groups, and pages. There are people who are using Instagram to get more account openings. 

What is Angel One DRA Program?

Angel One DRA Program is a referral program where you can introduce a new angel account using a particular referral link. By this, you can earn up to 500 rupees per account opening along with 50 % of the lifetime brokerage commission from the new traders.

Angel One DRA or Remiser Program gives you an unlimited earning opportunity without investing single rupees from you. There is no limitation for your reference.

You can refer to n number of new accounts for angel one. You have also can refer another existing Angel One Account holder to become a DRA. For this referral, you need to get approval from DRA Relationship Manager as I know. Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer

This DRA reference system gives almost a silent passive income from other DRA Agent.


How to become a part of Angel One DRA remiser?

To become a part of the Angel Broking DRA program, you must have any one of social media platform where you can get more influence to your content.

Youtuber has the first preference to become an Angel One DRA remiser. If you are owning a Facebook page or group with a good number of followers then you can also become an Angel Broking DRA programer.

If you are meeting all the eligibility criteria then you can apply for Angel One DRA Program.

To apply for the Angel Broking DRA program you need to contact us or your referrer. They will make you onboard in DRA.


Angle One DRA Registration Link

Click Here to become Angel One DRA

To know more about the Angel Broking DRA program and its benefits, you can visit our Earn from Angel Broking DRA program article our I have explained in step by step in my previous article.

Remember, first create a free Demat account in Angel One or Angel Broking by clicking the below link or any registration link provided here. Later, if you are meeting eligibility criteria then apply for Angel One Digital Referral Associate (DRA) Program.

To become DRA you just need to have any social media platform with your admin authority. Please make sure you have atleast more than 1000 subscribers or followers in your social media account (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram).


Angel One Free Demat Account Opening Link

Open Free Demate Account in Angel Broking 


In this article, we have listed the Top 3 Make Money Online opportunities, where you can earn a good amount of money without investing any penny. You just only need to invest your time, effort, and skill that’s it. 


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Q: How does Meesho App works?

A: Meesho is a reselling app, where you can resell the provided products on the Meesho app. Meesho has many items listed on it. You need to download Meesho from the provided link and register first. Then choose products and share them on WhatsApp or Facebook. Once you get the order from your customer, you will place it in the Meesho app to the customer’s address. You can collect the product price from customers by keeping your margin profit. 

Q: Is Meesho app is good?

A: Yes it is a good and friendly app to earn money. It is a Purely Indian-origin app. It is a Product reselling app.

Q: Is Meesho app is Real or Fake?

A: Meesho app is Real App. It is not a scam app. Meesho was developed by two Indian IIT students. Meesho has already more than two crore users who have already become successful resellers.

Q: Who is devoleped Meesho App?

A: Meesho App was developed by two Indian IIT Students named Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in 2015 December.

Q: Can we buy Kurtis from Meesho App?

A: Yes you can buy Kurtis from Meesho.

Q: What is the referral code or invite code in Meesho App

A: Please enter referral code IVBJVNW27778 in the Meesho app and get a huge discount and bonus

Q: Can I sell on Meesho without GST?

A: You can do business in Meesho without GST. Your annual business turnover should not cross 40 lakhs in Meesho.

Q: How does Reseller make a profit from Meesho?

A: The reseller can maintain the standard profit margin on the product which he or she sells. Around 10 % to 30 % percent margin profit can maintain on each product.

Q: Is Rozdhan App is real or fake?

A: As per customer review Rozdhan app is not a fake app. It won’t ask users to pay money to get profits. You can do daily tasks and get your profit instantly. Rozdhan app allows you to earn money by referring as well.

Q: What is the value of 1 coin in the Rozdhan App?

A: 250 coins is equal to 1 rupee in Rozdhan

Q: What is the referral code or Invite code of Rozdhan?

A: You can update the code h1RW1

Q; Is Angel Broking and Angel One is same?

A: Yes Angel Broking has launched its new brand name Angel One.

Q: What is the Introducer code in Angel Broking login?

A: Please enter introducer code y659pq6r on the Registration page.

Q: How to become Angel One DRA?

A: First enter the introducer code y659pq6r while registering in angel one, then contact your referrer or contact us.

Q: How much i can earn in Angel One DRA Program?

A: It depends on your referrals. There is no limit to earning in the DRA multiply program.



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