Golden Idea earning app is real or fake | Genuine Review

Genuine review about Golden Idea Earning App 2021

Hello guys, welcome to Thanks for reaching me for the genuine reviews. In this article, we will discuss whether the Golden Idea Earning App is real or fake. A new earning app claims that people can earn money by reading news articles on this app. Let us be clear about it. 


As the name says Golden idea earning app, but in reality, it is not. In fact, there are no such instances available on the internet who have earned a good amount from this earning app. I got to know about this app on youtube. The are many youtube promoting this app only for the new referral purpose. But some of them explored reality. 


I know many of you have already searched in google as to whether the Golden Idea Earning app is real or fake. This article will give you all the clarification about the golden idea app. If you think it is a Golden Idea to earn money, then you are absolutely wrong.


As I said earlier, it is a good habit to search for the reality of any earning app before using it. Here you will be clear about whether the Golden Idea Earning App is real or Fake? Golden Idea Earning App scam or legit? Golden idea app is safe or not? How to withdraw from the golden idea app?.


What is Golden Idea Earning App?

Golden Idea Earning app is a new earning app that claims that people can earn money by earning news articles and referring the new users to this app. Once you register in this app using your mobile number, the application will give you 200 rupees instantly to your Golden Idea App wallet. 


In this app, you will find many news articles and you can read them for at most probably 30 seconds if I am not wrong. Once you hold the particular news article for 30 seconds your application wallet will be credited with 5 rupees. 

Earn Free Bitcoin

You will be credited 5 rupees for every news article you read in this app. You can also earn money by referring more people. As per the app, I have explained this here. In fact, nobody has got the money to their account as per user reviews. You should know the reality before installing. If you want to know the facts please continue reading.  

Golden Idea

Golden idea earning app is real or fake?

To know the facts we should verify the legal details as usual. I used to verify in-depth details about domain authority and registrant details to know if the app is legit or not. These points will make you clear about this earning app. 


  • There is no official website available for Golden Idea Earning App
  • It has a lot of bad reviews on the google play store
  • A lot of bad reviews on youtube comments
  • No founder details are available
  • Fake information provided
  • No registrant details are available
  • No reason available why they pay for reading news on the app
  • No app registered detail is available
  • No contact detail is available
  • No official address is available 
  • No customer support is available 
  • No guarantee about withdrawal 
  • It is a common trick used by fraudulent applications 
  • To withdraw your earnings they will ask to deposit the amount, It is a common strategy used by fraudsters.
  • Fake apps never give their personal information and office addresses 
  • Fake apps provide a very lucrative plan for people to build trust

I hope you got the answer now,

Golden idea earning app is real or fake? Yes, it is a fake application. Never trust this kind of application. I never recommend this app to invest and earn money. It is a recently launched app. Most people never go to check about the reality of apps. 

It is very important to know about the legitness of every app before investing in it. Nobody will give you free money. 



Golden Idea app a scam or legit?

Yes, It is a scam app. They claim that they will give you money for reading news articles on this app. The Golden idea earning app gives you money once you complete the reading news. That money will be credited to your app wallet itself. 


But if you want that amount to be credited to your bank account you have to deposit some amount as per app requirement. After depositing a certain amount to the app, it is damn sure you will still not get withdrawals to your bank account. 


It is a common trick used by fraudulent applications to trap people. At the final, they will give you GST or Taxation or Legal issue reasons to escape by withdrawal process. 


You can report any kind of money laundering and fraudulent applications to the Cyber Crime Department online.


Download Golden Idea Earning App

Golden idea earning app is available at google play store with very poor reviews. I never recommend downloading this fraudulent app to your phone. 

You have a lot of other genuine applications in google play store like Rozdhan, Meesho, AngeOne, WazirX, CoinDCX to download and earn very good income from them every day.


If you have already using the RT Gold earning app, Agridevelop earning app, Tasman App, HPZ Token app, sailing fund earning app, then please go to the App Review category on my blog to check whether these are legit or not.


The Best way to earn money online in 2021

As i said, there are many good opportunities available on the internet to earn a genuine and very good amount of income every day. You can check out my blog for earn money online opportunities.


 I have written about many good opportunity applications details on my blog. Go to the Earn money online category in Or you can search in google as ‘’Earn money online opportunity by coolinglass’’


Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, youtube channel, blogging, freelancing are the real and genuine methods to earn a standard income. There are many people who are building their life through these amazing opportunities and they now lead a luxury life. 


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Q: How to withdraw money from the Golden Idea Earning app?

A: The fraudulent app will ask you to deposit a certain amount to withdraw the earnings. But I strongly recommend not to invest money in it. 


Q: Golden Idea earning app Customer care number?

A: No information available for customer care number


Q: How much amount will credit to the golden idea app wallet for sign up?

A: 200 Rs will be credited to your app wallet. It is a dummy amount to make you fool. 


Q: How to check golden idea app is fake or real

A: You can check if the particular earning app is fake or real by checking about the founder details, app registrant details, reviews by users, and also you can check my website app reviews for genuine reviews about the fraudulent apps.


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