RT Gold Earning App is Real or Fake | RT Gold App Genuine Review

Genuine review about RT Gold earning app. Complete details

In this article, we will discuss whether RT Gold Earning App is Real or Fake by checking out some important points about this earning app. By this, you can decide whether RT Gold Earning App is Real or 



We have one famous adage that if there are fool people, there will be enough people to make them fool. In this technical era, a lot more new technology is coming up. Along with this, there are a lot more scammers utilizing this technology to rob people by giving fraud income assurance.


I know you got this RT Gold investment opportunity recently and thinking about whether I should invest or not. I will tell you, once you go through this article you will be able to decide whether you need to invest in RT Gold Apk or not. 

Are you searching RT Gold App is a legit app to earn money online? Then congratulations, you are in the right place to decide. Because in this I will give you a genuine review about the RT Gold Earning app.


As I said in earlier App review articles, before investing in any earning application, you need to remember some important points.

RT Gold App real or fake

  • Check the official website
  • Check the contact details
  • Check the domain details
  • Check the future plan of the app
  • If it is related to Crypto, then check the whitepaper.
  • Generally check the maximum reviews of its existing customers.
  • Check returns plan
  • Check the website or app age
  • Check the domain age
  • Check the domain and website operation location.
  • Check about the Privacy policy
  • Check about disclaimer 


Before investing in any app or website you should check all of these points. Because ultimately is it your money right. Do not go blindly. 

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What is RT Gold App?

RT Gold app is an earning app, they claim that people can earn daily income by purchasing mining machines from them through the app. 


There are many levels available in this app, which gives more income as you go by leveling up. To level up, you have to recharge more money.


There was one fraudulent app called HPZ Token, which claims they mine crypto and give the profit to people. But finally, their fraud was revealed. They were using the same tactics used to build their fraudulent app.


I have reviewed HPZToken app and other fraudulent earning apps in my blog coolinglass in the app review category. You can check out the details. 


Points to be noted

  1. Fake website provided
  2. There is no official website available for RT Gold App
  3. RT Gold App website https://www.rt-gold.net/ is completely fake 
  4. https://www.rt-gold.net/ website design and property were stolen from the original website https://www.riotinto.com/
  5. RT Gold Website has fake information about their products and plan
  6. The details available on this website is fake and it is a carbon copy of the original website https://www.riotinto.com/
  7. This fraudulent app RT Gold doesn’t have a privacy policy 
  8. RT Gold app has not given a disclaimer about their plan
  9. No owner information is available.
  10. The website provided fake CEO information as Ralph Taylor.
  11. There is no link available for the office tab on the website.
  12. There is no contact information available on the website
  13. There is no residential or office address available on the website
  14. Poorly built application
  15. No direct contact person is available.
  16. Domain operating from Hong Kong, which is most known for fraudsters. 
  17. Domain and app registered recently 2 months back. 
  18. In fact, there is no such gold mining machine that can be sold out. 
  19. There are a lot of bad reviews and comments available.
  20. There is no such app registered in the google play store.
  21. RT Gold app is available on some unknown websites in unknown apk format.
  22. They are just collecting money from investors and fraud them.
  23. There will be one contact person to assist you to invest. But if you go to ask about his or her identity they will not reveal it. They will hide themselves. 
  24. Most of the time they will be connected with WhatsApp. 
  25. And they will hide their dp or they may update fake dp. You can check once by asking about identity.



How to check whether an earning app is legit or not?

  • Check the domain details on some domain checker websites. I recommend whois website to check the details. 
  • Check about scams on some scam detector websites. 
  • Check the users’ reviews. I recommend youtube comments to check the genuine opinion. 
  • Check about the contact information
  • Check about privacy policy and disclaimer. 


Is RT Gold genuine?

No, RT Gold App is not a genuine app. It is a scam app. Never trust this kind of app. Along with recharge they also collect your personal information and account details for scam purposes.


What can I do if I invested already?

There is no such action you can do if you are already screwed by investing in this app. But you can file a complaint against a fraudulent app at Cyber Crime through their official website. 


In case you have invested a large amount of money then only go and file the complaint against them. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. Because the law says not to invest in such money laundering applications. It is our responsibility to know the details briefly about such apps before investing. 


Is the RT Gold Earning App fake? Is RT Gold App Fraud app?

Yes, this is a complete and full-fledged fraudulent app, which is trying to collect money from investors and fraud them.  Do not trust their fake promises. 

If you have already invested then stop investing further. And delete all the contact details and bank details.



I strongly do not recommend this app to invest money. I hope I have given proper information to decide whether RT Gold Earning App is real or fake. Stop investing in this kind of app. Before investing just google the details. 


Complaint against this kind of fraudulent app at Cyber Crime Department.



Final Talk

The genuine and legit online earning apps in India

Hey, but do not disappoint buddy, you have a lot of other genuine earning apps which I have already explained in my blog. You can visit the Earn Money Online category in my blog. You can trust these earning apps and use this to earn a very nice income.


Friend, Thank you for reading this article. If you find this RT Gold Earning app review is really helpful then please leave your valuable comment below and share this article with your friends so that they are also aware of this kind of fraudulent app and stop investing right now.


Visit again my blog coolinglass.com to support me and my blogging. Your valuable comment and shares will give me more energy to write a review about more like these fraudulent earning apps. 


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Q: Is RT Gold earning apps legit?

A: No, RT Gold Earning app is a fraudulent app


Q: Is RT Gold App fake?

A: Yes, RT Gold App is fake.


Q: Is RT Gold App Safe?

A: No, RT Gold App is Safe


Q: Who is the owner of RT Gold App?

A: There is no owner information available for this RT Gold App


Q: How to withdraw from the RT Gold App?

A: It is a fraudulent app. Initially, they give you withdrawal. Later they will block your earnings.


Q: Is RT Gol App and Riotinto is same ?
A: No it is different.


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