HPZ Token is Fake Or Real | Complete genuine Review

In recent days you might have heard about HPZ Token earning application. And most people have invested in this token to earn some of the amounts to fulfill their needs. When the people come across this business proposal they might have not gone to think about this companies background and Existence. They might have invested straight away.  The reason behind is, HPZToken’s investment plan starts with a very low amount. So people go and invest. Now we should understand whether HPZ Token is Fake Or Real.  

HPZ Token Fake Or Real

Now the question is, is this HPZ Token company is real or fake? Initially, to build trust, this HPZ Token so-called company has also delivered the investor’s profit amount accurately. But later as same as other fraud companies this so-called company also started to play with the withdrawal process. 


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Let’s talk about how can we judge whether this company is fake or real

Some noticeable points about hpz token

Point number  1.

HPZ Token has no proper website to check about their company.

Point number  2.

The website provided by hpztoken.com  has no privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, and contact us page.

Point number  3. 

The detail they have mentioned in their website is completely false.

Point number  4.

There is no connection between Balaji S Srinivasan and HPZ Token.

Point number  5.

Balaji S Srinivasan is the CEO of coinbase not for hpztoken.

Point number  6.

Ap per them they rent the mining machine and returning profit to investors. In fact, there is no such machine available on their website. Just fake images they providing in the name of the machine.  If so they must have mentioned the blockchain they using for mining. In fact, just by image nobody can do mining.


Point number 7:

The HPZ Token representative getting connect with WhatsApp number(+917702019946), and demanding the investors to recharge more amount to get their own profit amounts. Initially, they demanded 3000 Rs then they started to asking 10000 Rs to recharge. What the hell is this really?

Point number 8 :

All withdrawals are withheld now due to tax reviews it seems as per their message. If anybody is not recharging 10,000rs amount by 12:00 august 15, they say we are going to freeze or block all those accounts.  

Point number 9: 

Those who have recharged 3000 rs, the hpztoken person again started to ask 7000rs to recharge from them to get activated their account.   The fact is if you recharge this amount, again they will come to you asking for more amount to recharge in the name of tax deduction. 

Point number 10:

They keep saying we signed with the 11 banks to get withdrawals, but the fact is they have not signed any banks. If so, they should have mentioned the bank details on their website.

Point number 11:

 Let’s come to founder details. Nowhere mentioned about founder details and their contact information.  

Point number 12:

 Actually, tax reason is a common trick the fraudsters use to trap the investors. 

Point number 13:

The Update provider +917702019946 (SERENA) also hides their identity. If you ask about him or her, they will deny giving the personal information.  Or they may give you some reasons. 

Point number 14:

If you observe their screenshots, which they keep sending in WhatsApp group ‘6011’, Their language is in Chinese. The Time indicator PM or AM is in Chinese. What is the meaning of it?


Some screenshots to prove HPZToken is a fraud:




Finally, This is a completely fraudulent application. Never ever invest in this application. We strongly recommend not to use this application and do not invest in this HPZ Token.


What you can do?

If you have already invested a big amount then you can not take any action against it. Because the government clearly says to stay away from such fraudsters. And not to invest any amount in such applications. 

But you can file a complaint against them in the cybercrime department. 


To Complaint  – Cyber Crime Department


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