Rozdhan make money online app | How to earn money in RozDhan App

Are you also searching in Google For Make Money Online App?

Hey, Stop searching and look at it here. in this article, I will tell about one such make money online app which is named RozDhan app. India’s best Rozdhan make money online app



What is RozDhan App? And how to earn money in RozDhan App? 


RozDhan App is the app which gives its members a chance to earn money through some easy Earning Tasks.

Do not think that you will get millions of work from this app. But yes, you can definitely make money by doing some shopping, recharging, or pocket money.


For your information, let me tell

  • Rozdhan has more than 300,000 content writers here.
  • Rozdhan reached more than 1Cr reading people.
  • The official partner of RozDhan app is Mi Browser, Oppo and Rozbazz.



What is RozDhan App


RozDhan is a multitasking and article-sharing application.


Many can also share videos and articles by creating their account here. In return, they get gold coins. 


Many people are thinking that if we do not know how to make videos or write articles, then how can we earn money from RozDhan App?


Don’t worry, I will tell you that too. You will also be able to easily earn money from RozDhan app.



How to earn money with RozDhan App


Rozdhan app gives its members a chance to earn money through many mediums.


But to earn money from this, you have to download RozDhan App first.


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How to Download RozDhan App


I would suggest you not to download this app from any other place because there are many duplicate apps online which cheat their users.


And there are many fake apk’s available on the internet in the name of RozDhan.


You can directly download this app from the google play store by clicking on the download button here. Which will be 100% secure.


RozDhan App Download Link


On clicking this download button you will come to a page like this.


Here you have to click on the Login to Earn button. On clicking, you will reach the google play store and you will be able to download RozDhan App.


Steps to install and earn money with RozDhan App


Step1. Rozdhan login


Now it’s time to earn money. As soon as you open the app, it will tell you to choose the language. After selecting, on the next page now comes the turn to earn money. You have to register here to earn money.


You can register in this app in three ways:

  • From your mobile.
  • From Facebook account.
  • Or by giving an email id to a Google account.


As soon as you register by giving a mobile number, you will get ₹ 80 rupees in your account.


Step2. RozDhan Invite Code:

To earn more money from this app, you have to enter the invite code. By entering this h1RW1 code you will get ₹30 extra.


Enter this invite code for more earning: h1RW1


If your downloaded RozDhan app has already taken this referral code then there is no need to enter this code. Check if it is the same or not.



Step3. New User Tasks:


  • You need to create your profile first. To create a profile, you will have to enter your Nickname, Education level, DOB, Gender, etc. You will get some coins when your profile will be completed..
  • RozDhan App has some FAQs, after reading their FAQ you get a coin.
  • You will get some coins for watching the Beginner’s Tutorial.
  • There is also a New User Withdrawal Benefit. If there is any doubt about this app, then you can also check it by withdrawing 2 rupees from here. Remember this is only for new users.


Step4. Daily Check-in:


In this, you get some coins every day. If you continue this for continually seven days your reward coins will be increased. That’s coins will be converted to rupees after 24 hours. 


Step5. Read Articles & Share Articles:


Every day you will get some article, you will be able to earn money even after reading that. You get some coins even after sharing the article.


Step 6. Do some games, puzzles, quizzes:


You can earn coins by playing some games, doing some puzzles and quizzes. This will help you to get more coins. Those coins will convert to rupees.


Step 7. Invite Friend:


Refer and earn is the best way to earn more money. You can also earn a lot by referring your friend.


You get ₹ 80 for the 1st time invite. After that, all the referrals will get Rs 23.36 for every referral.


Step8. Join We Media:


If you can create content, then RozDhan App is good for you. You have to put original content here. And in return, you can win a prize of lakhs of rupees.



What is the RozDhan payment method?


All the coins you earn here will be converted into Rupees after 12 a.m. throughout the night.


In this app, you get ₹ 1 rupee for 250 coins. Whenever you have ₹ 300 in your account, then you will be able to take payment through Paytm.


The payment will be transferred to your Paytm account within 3 days of the request.




Q. What is a coin?

A: For every task you complete, you will be given a coin. All those coins will be converted into Rupiah after 12 midnight.


Q. RozDhan app how to earn money?

 A: You can earn money from RozDhan app by following methods

  1. Login to get ₹ 80 rupees.
  2. Get ₹80 Rupees by entering code h1RW1.
  3. Invite your friends by inviting your friends and telling them too.
  4. Share articles every day.
  5. Complete the daily check-in.
  6. Play and share the games everyday.
  7. Share Rank List.
  8. Visit the top site daily.


Q. What is the minimum rupee payment I can take?

 A: From here you get a minimum payment of ₹ 300. And new users can withdraw ₹ 2 rupees. But you need to have sufficient energy in app


Q. Do I need to add a PAN card?

 A: If you add a PAN card then 10% will be deducted as TDS, otherwise 20% TDS will be deducted as per government rules.


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