New World Earning App is Real Or Fake ! Genuine review

New World Earning App is Real Or Fake! Genuine review. The points you should know.

Hello, In this blog, we will discuss the New World earning app is real or fake. There are a lot of earning apps on the internet and some of them are genuine and most of them fake. In this article, we will review about New World earning app.

Recently we have reviewed about hpztoken app and we have strongly recommended not to use that app. As we have said, they have cheated people by aggravating lots of money and are now fled. So before using any kind of earning app you try to gather information about their existence from the website.

I know now you have a question about the New World Earning App is Real or Fake?. And, many more questions you have. Let us give some points so you can decide for yourself whether it is real or fake.


About New World Earning Application

New World earning app claims that people can earn a lot of money from their application using mobile. As you know you need to recharge money to activate your package. So that you will earn daily income according to your reward percentage.

Now let’s talk about the new world earning app is legit or fake. Same as hpztoken methods are using in this application. They have also asked to recharge. Same here also this app also asking to recharge to unlock VIP corner.


Know the Facts

  1. There is no valid website about the New World Earning app
  2. There is no official address
  3. The contacts they provided is fake
  4. There is no information about the founder.
  5. There is no information about the company
  6. The New World Earning App operating from two ip addresses.
  7. One ip address operates from Hongkong
  8. Another ip address operates from Nagaland.
  9. They say registered on June 1st, 2021. But no proper information is available.
  10. The certificate and proofs they provided in the application are all fake. Not genuine.
  11. This kind of apps is used by fraudsters is common to trap people.
  12. Moreover, this application is operating from foreign.


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What to do now?

  • If you have already invested in this app, please stop further investing and withdraw the amount right now if possible. Then your choice.
  • There is no such genuine app that can give you a daily income by recharging. It is simple and such if they want to give you income why do they ask for recharge from you.
  • What if they lock your earnings and ask for more recharge to release your earnings.
  • The earnings show in-app are fake. Anybody can enter that number who can operate the behind the app and say it is your earnings.
  • If you have provided bank details and phone numbers in-app, then please delete them and change the bank passwords.
  • You can lodge a complaint against the fraudsters at cyber crime department.  



We strongly recommend not to use this app to earn money. Though it is giving you good returns, in the coming days definitely they will lock your earnings and ask you to recharge more. Moreover, most cybercriminals operating from Hongkong. Stop using this kind of app.


To complaint against fraudsters  – Cybercrime department


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