Tasman Earning App real or fake | Genuine Review about Tasman App

The Tasman Earning App Real or Fake. Tasman App Review.

Have you already invested in the Tasman app? Did you find out whether the Tasman earning app real or fake before you invest? If not, read this article. Then you will get to know about this kind of app.


Nowadays everyone is looking for an opportunity to make money online. There are currently plenty of opportunities online and apps available on mobile to earn money with and without investment. But the thing is out of them the 30% of apps and opportunities are fake. This is because such fake online applications are created using the sentiment of people who want to work online.


tasman app real or fake


There is no proper information available on any websites to find the Tasman earning app real or fake as of now. In this article, I will address some of the points that the Tasman app is genuine or not.


Delete the Tasman earning app download first. Because according to our calculation the Tasman earning app is not legit. There is no source for this application. There is no future plan.


There are a lot of negative Tasman app reviews available on the internet. Whoever installed and invested in the Tasman app, most of them did not get their money or profit amount back.


Check our previous articles where we have reviewed about hpztoken app, New World App, and more apps. 

What is the Tasman Earning App?

Tasman earning app states that this is an application where people can earn money by completing various tasks in the application. 


To participate in the task, you need to purchase or recharge a certain amount of money using Paytm or other UPI payment methods.


As you recharge more in the app, you can grade up your level from intern level to Director level. There are several levels available on the app to earn more profit. Intern level, employee level, assistant manager level, manager level, CEO level, and director level. 


You know, the Funny thing is without any graded qualification you can become a Manager, CEO, and  Director just by recharging. All credits goes to Tasman Earning App. LOL 


Joke is a part. Now let’s analyze the fact about the Tasman earning app real or fake through some important noticeable points

Point to be noted

  1. There is no official website available on the internet regarding the Tasman app
  2. When there is no official website online to define this app then how can you believe it is legit?
  3. There is no whitepaper available to define the future plan for the Tasman app.
  4. Their website tasman1.com is not at all working.
  5. There is no proper plan defined about how they generating profit for customers in Tasman mobile app
  6. There is no contact email address available on the whois website for Tasman app
  7. Domain registered just three months ago
  8. Tasman App server has not been hosted on any server.
  9. No contact address or number is available anywhere
  10. In the initial days, the app will give you some profit amount,  later once they gain trust from you they will lock your profit and ask you to recharge money, pay the tax amount and so and so drama will start.
  11. Go back and see how the HPZToken Fraudulent app New Word Earning app cheated the people recently.
  12. The representatives of this kind of fraudulent app will contact you through only WhatsApp
  13. Contact people from this app will try to hide their identity with the girl’s name and fake profile pic.
  14. They always come up with new plans to recharge more amount.
  15. Tasman app is not based in India. It operates from the US.  



What to do now?

If you guys already invested in this app then you don’t have any choice to take back your amount other than completing the task and earning rewards.


Do not invest in this kind of earning app. Before investing, verify the background and proper information about the application.


Rather than investing in a quick earning application, find some valid opportunities on the internet. You have many genuine and legit earning online applications and websites on the internet. Like INRDeals, Fiverr, Meesho, Rozdhan, Angel Broking, Coindcx.


I do not recommend this kind of earning application. Tasman Earning app is a fraudulent application. They did not claim their identity. Never trust these kinds of hidden profile applications. And never share your contact numbers and email address over in the application. 

To complaint against any fraudsters  – Cybercrime department



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Q: What is the Tasman app?

A: Tasman is an earning app which is launched recently. 

Q: Is Tasman earning app and Tasman rugby app is same or not?

A: No, Tasman earning app is a fraudulent app. 

Q: Tasman Earning app is legit or fake?

A: It’s a fake earning app.

Q: How to withdrawal the amount from the Tasman app?

A: No proper method is given to withdraw your money until they allow it.

Q: Is Tasman app safe?

A: No, it’s not safe. This app is said to be a fake application. It is not safe to invest in this app




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