7Eleven App is real or fake | Genuine Review about 711 earning app

Genuine review about 7Eleven App. Real or fake

Friends welcome to coolinglass.com. In this article, we will discuss whether the 7eleven app is real or fake. Because this is new and a week ago launched a new earning app. I thought about reviewing this app. Because I wanted to make people clear on the original 7 eleven app and fake 711 earning apps.


7 eleven is actually a big company based in Texas, United State. It is a big and familiar and reputed warehousing marketplace company. 7 eleven corporate company have more than 100 years of history. They were established around 1927.

So, let’s know about the difference between 7eleven company and 711 earning app. Due to misunderstandings, many people have intended to download this 711 earning app. People should know which is real and which one is fake before downloading it. 


What is the 7eleven app?

7Eleven is the application launched and run by the famous corporate company 7Eleven from Texas, America. It is a famous marketplace of various products. They give 24 X 7 service to the customer. People use the 7eleven application to order their requirements.

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What is a 711 earning app?

711 Earning app claims that it is a mobile earning app, where people can earn money by purchasing store machines and people can also earn income by referring more people. 


Particular store machine has their own rendering period to complete people’s earnings. Once the daily reward period ends the investor benefited with double the amount of what they invested. After buying the store machine you will get daily rewards to your wallet. 


Never trust this kind of strategy. There is no such machine that can be sold to earn money. They making people just fool. It is a common trick used by fraudsters. 


7Eleven app is real or fake?

Yes, the 7eleven app is real, but the 711 earning app is fake. 7Eleven application is run by a reputed corporate company 7eleven. There is no link between 7eleven and 711 applications. Because 711 has launched recently with a fake identity. 711 is not a part of the 7eleven company. 


711 Earning app is real or fake?

No, the 711 Earning app is fake. This earning application is a fraudulent application, which was launched recently. They claim that people can earn money from this app by doing various tasks. 

In this app you need to purchase some plans to earn money. The minimum investment is 1000 rupees. Once you purchase the plan you will start to earn daily income to your wallet. The same tricks have already been used by many fraudulent apps. 


If they really want to give you money for doing various irrelevant tasks then why do they ask you to invest money in the name of recharge? It is a common trick used by fraudsters. 


Check the below points about the 711 Earning app which is based on scam alert and whois.com


  • 711 Earning app launched a week ago
  • No proper information available on the internet 
  • 711.guru logo is a copy of famous established company 7eleven
  • 711.guru is the very cheapest domain bought from GoDaddy
  • No founder details are available
  • No Authorised email is available 
  • No official contact information is available
  • No Privacy policy is available 
  • No disclaimer available 
  • No official address is available 
  • Domain registered from Arizona state 
  • Registrant details not available 
  • A very lucrative plan was provided. It is a common trick used by fraudulent apps.
  • The 711 earning app is using the same strategy which was used by other fraudulent apps before. 
  • Poorly designed application 


711 Earning app is legit or a scam?

No, the 711 Earning app is not a legit app. It is a scam app. Actually, 711 earning app is a fraudulent app. It is using the 7 eleven company logo to gain the trust of people. 


Domain registered a week ago with the very cheapest extension. Real domain 7eleven was registered in 1997 on domain provider. But This fake domain 711.guru has registered on GoDaddy just a week ago. 


I hope now you have an idea about whether the 7eleven app is real or fake. The 7 eleven apps is real and the 711 earning app is fake.  Don’t go and blindly invest in any app. Before investing it is very important to verify about the application whether it is real or fake, scam or legit. Because you are going to give your personal information in the name of withdrawal. 


Is it safe to invest in the 711 Earning application?

No, it is not safe to invest in these kinds of fraudulent apps. Because sharing the account information in the name of withdrawal is very dangerous. It might lead to account hacking from hackers. 


I would like to tell you that before investing in any kind of earning application, you need to double-check the app on the internet always. Everyone wants to earn money but nobody wants to know the truth. 


Most people think that we just use it for some time and we will withdraw our profit. But the fact is once you register in this kind of fraudulent app, your personal information will be captured by those apps and it may lead to a data breach. 


In fact, these apps are not developed to make you rich. Instead, make people fraud in the name of earnings. 


Always visit App Review on my blog coolinglass.com to know the genuine reviews about all new earning applications. I have reviewed many fake earning applications already on my blog. 


The best app to earn money online from mobile

On the internet, there are many legit earning applications available. Nobody will give you free money. To earn genuine money then you have to put some effort. Using your skills you can become a millionaire as well in this technology era. 


If you want to really earn money from home using your mobile phone then please visit the Earn Money Online category in my blog coolinglass.com. I have written articles on many earning opportunities in my blog. All are genuine and legit methods. 


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Q: Is the 711 earning app a fraud app?

A: Yes, It is a fraud app. They have launched using the 7eleven company logo. 


Q: 711 earning app safe or not?

A: No, it is not safe to install and earn money


Q: How to download the 711 Earning app?

A: 711 earning app not registered on google play store. You need to download the APK format from google. I strongly do not recommend installing this app.


Q: How to withdraw money from the 711 earning app?

A: Once you fill in the account details, you can withdraw the amount from the 711 wallets to your Paytm wallet. 


Q: Is the 711 earning app a part 7eleven company?

A: No, It is not.




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