Green Bicycle App real or fake | Green Bicycle App Genuine Review 2023

Genuine Review about the new earning app Green Bicycle App 

Green Bicycle App Real or Fake: The new earning app Green Bicycle is running in many countries, especially in Pakistan. It was launched in December 2022. Till one month after launching it will work fine. But After reaching its intention, the site will start giving problems to its customer. Let’s review the Green Bicycle app for a better-investing future. 


I will give you complete details about the new earning app Green So let’s start researching without any further ado. Welcome to We are here to make you aware of fraudulent apps and give you the best earning app information.  Considering some real information regarding this new earning app, and based on some research tools we have gathered some information that can make it clear whether the Green Bicycle App real or fake. It is very important to know the facts about this earning application before investing. 


What do we check and Which points do we consider to decide whether the particular site is a scam or real? I know this question surely will come to your mind. We consider scam scores, trust scores, server locations, domain age, registration date, registrant details, IP address location, SSL Certificate, ASN server, Alexa rank, Domain blacklist status, Malware Score, Spam Score, Website Popularity, Phishing Score, and More.


Green Bicycle App was registered and launched in July 2022. I know many people have already invested in this app. Because it is another power bank kind of earning application. I request those people as well to read this review before investing more.  


I have already reviewed many fake earning apps on my blog Even After knowing the facts about fraudulent apps, still people are not serious about those apps. Some People review this kind of earning app on Youtube and on blogs, But the sad part is very rare people say the reality of those fake earning companies. 


I hope the below information will definitely help you to find out whether Green Bicycle App Real or Fake. 


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Many YouTubers and bloggers promote the Green Bicycle App for earning purposes by getting more referrals. But very few people disclose real facts about earning apps

Green Bicycle App Real or Fake

What is the Green Bicycle App?

The Green Bicycle App is a new earning app that claims that you can make money by investing in different packages. You need to buy virtual bike packages to earn daily income. In an ROI system, people will earn their profits in this app. And also app claims that people can make money by referring more people to this app. They show some bike Product images and you need to buy those products in the frame of virtual packages. But you will be not getting real bikes, rather you will receive daily income for a certain period.  


Important points about the Green Bicycle App

To know whether the Green Bicycle App Real or Fake please read the full article till the end. So that in the end, you can make a decision whether it is safe to invest in the Green Bicycle App or not. Before this app was working on Green domain. Now the domain stopped working. 


Here we have to go through some important points which can prove the Green Bicycle App is fake. Basically we never simply judge earning apps. Because that app is also somebody’s feeding spoon right But we are against those who snatch food from someone else’s plate.


  • The Trustpilot rating given by the app customer is 1.1
  • A common strategy used in earlier fraudulent earning apps
  • Refer and Earn model is the common strategy to build more networks. 
  • No official website is available 
  • Website scam score is high
  • Poorly developed application 
  • The malware score is very high
  • The server is located in Singapore
  • Domain registered from Pakistan
  • No Contact information is available 
  • No Founder and Owner details are available 
  • Fake about us information provided
  • They are not ready to disclose their original identity
  • Fraudsters use different VPNs to Yawn the people. 
  • Domain registered on December 2022
  • Website Phishing Score is high. 
  • The website trust score is very low
  • Google scroller has not listed this site.
  • Alexa has not listed this site.
  • In some places or countries, this app has already stopped working.
  • Some secured systems will not allow the installation of this app. 
  • Green Bicycle App is not available on the google play store and the app store due to scam alerts. 



Green Bicycle App Review can make you clear about their fraud. I think the above-mentioned factors are enough to determine whether the Green Bicycle App is real or fake. In case you are not satisfied with the points given above, You can continue reading for a better understanding.


Check out some scam detector websites to find out the app’s scam score and trust rate. According to those sites, the Green Bicycle app has a very low trust rate and its scam score is very high. After validating around 52 factors about their domain and details which is available on the internet these scam detector’s algorithm will decide the trust score and scam rate. 


Green Bicycle App is Real or Fake

No, the Green Bicycle App is a fake earning application. They claim that you need to purchase Bike Virtual packages and VIP packages. To purchase these packages you have to invest money in the name of recharge. Of course, you have heard already the same kind of strategy before. You will be provided with different ROI plans for different packages. The irrelevant tasks you should complete to earn money.


How to find Green Bicycle App is real or fake? 

Simply take some time to check out whether any earning application is real or fake. And whether they are fraudulent or genuine companies. No need to pay money anywhere to check out the reality of those apps. Just you can check on your smartphone itself with no effort. 


  1. Once you receive the new unknown earning application’s referral link, just cross-verify in google about the app, whether it is new or existing. 
  2. Open the site and check whether that app has been reviewed or not
  3. Check the owner details in the domain checker.
  4. Check Spam Score, Malware score, Trust Score, and Phishing score. 
  5. You can also check registrant details on the domain checker site. 
  6. If there are no details available on that site then take note. 
  7. Check whether they are operating on WhatsApp and telegram apps? If yes then try to research their official websites, or stay away from those types of apps. 
  8. Check about the company ownership details. 
  9. If it is newly launched then it is better to stay away



Green Bicycle App is Genuine or fraud

No, the Green Bicycle App is not a genuine application. It is a fraudulent app. Never invest in this app. Initially, you will get returns from this app. Gradually this kind of app starts to hold your withdrawals. 


You have many options to check about this kind of fake application online. You can reach out to App Reviews in my blog Or else you can validate the given details in-app on google. 


Using referral programs technic these fraudulent apps and fraudsters collect a huge number of contact numbers and huge investments from people. These fraudsters just trap the people in the name of recharging, tax payments, fund transfer fees, and all. Once you enter your mobile number, in the future you will receive continuously these types of application promotion messages. 


Already, many cyber complaints have been lodged against these fraudsters in the Cyber department. But still, those fraudsters operate their apps and make people fool. 


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Green Bicycle App legit or a scam?

No, the Green Bicycle App is not a legit application. This is a scam app. Because based on some information Green Bicycle Application has a very low trust score and a very high scam score. 


All the given points strongly denote that it is a scam application. So we do not recommend this site to invest and earn money. You can notice that all fraudulent applications have the same design and profitability plans. 


They just show fake documents to people just for gaining trust. In this app, the given About Us, Terms, Privacy,  Refunds, and Disclaimer are all fake. It is just copy-pasted content.  


Is the Green Bicycle App safe?

No, it is not safe to invest in this app. Because the Green Bicycle app is not a genuine earning app. Therefore It is not safe to invest. Entering a mobile number in this kind of fraudulent app is too risky. Because once you enter your mobile number, then you will be trapped. Your mobile number will be shared or sold to other fraudulent companies. 


How to withdraw money from the Green Bicycle App?

As of now, there is no proper withdrawal proof that has been shared on the internet. Initially, you may get the withdrawals but gradually you will be trapped with tax fees, KYC, maintenance, and so on. 


Already many users have commented on youtube videos that their application is not opening nor are they able to contact them. They have lost their investment. Now they are crying. 



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Legit Way to Make money online

Beyond this fraudulent app, there are plenty of other legit and 100 percent genuine applications available on the internet to earn a good income from home using your smartphone itself. It may be website designing, reselling business, content writing, crypto trading, stock market trading, or freelancing. You can check out my articles about how to earn money online on my blog



We have used,,,,, and sites to validate the website scam score and trust score. I suggest you people also please go through these scam detector tools to verify the site you are using is fraudulent or genuine. 


I have seen on youtube, that people are promoting this app to earn money. But I urge those people to stop promoting fraudulent applications. Because poor people are wanted actual income but they may get trapped on the fraudulent network by watching your videos. Or if you really have a concern about those people then inform them about fraudulent apps before asking to invest. So that people will think before investing. Before investing in those kinds of apps it is good to know about those kinds of app’s real intentions. 


Hope you have got all answers regarding the Green Bicycle app, such as is Green Bicycle App real or fake? How to withdraw money from Green Bicycle App? How to login to Green Bicycle App? Who is the owner of the Green Bicycle App? Why Green Bicycle App is not working? Green Bicycle App error kyu hei? Green Bicycle App legal or illegal? Why Green Bicycle App stopped working?. 


The Green Bicycle App is a fraudulent app. I don’t recommend this app to make money online. Remember that if you lose your money on this type of app, you can’t recover from them nor you can complain against them. But you have one option you can just try to lodge a complaint online against them at the Cyber Crime Department Online Portal.


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Q: Is Green Bicycle app part of the electric Green Bicycle Company?

A: No, Green Bicycle app is not related to electric Green Bicycle  Company.


Q: Who is the owner of the Green Bicycle App?

A: There is no information available about the founder and owner of the fraudulent app Green Bicycle. 


Q: How to download the Green Bicycle App?

A: Green Bicycle App is a scam application. We do not recommend this app to download. 


Q: What is the Green Bicycle App customer care number?

A: There is no customer care number provided for this fraudulent app. 


Q: Is it safe to give a phone number to earning apps?

A: No, It is not safe to give any phone number to fraudulent apps. 


Q: How to withdraw money from the Green Bicycle App?

A: Initially they will provide a withdrawal to your bank account. Gradually they hold your amount. Because it is a common trick of these fraudulent applications. 


Q: Where is the Green Bicycle company office?

A: There is no official address or residential address available. Though it is a fraudulent app you will not find any contact address anywhere. 



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