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Angel Broking Refer and Earn Program. Best Referral Program in India.

AngelOne Refer and Earn: As most of you know AngelOne is India’s top stock trading company. But people can also earn a large amount of income just by referring more and more people and making them trade. You will earn up to ₹600 for each referral you do. Then you will earn a brokerage commission of up to 20 to 40 percent when your referrals do trading for a lifetime. 

AngelOne Refer and Earn

What is AngelOne Refer and Earn Program?

AngelOne Refer and Earn program allows you to earn extra income without making any investments. In this program, you refer a friend or relative to open a new Demat account on Angel Broking or AngelOne stock brokerage company. For this process you will earn some amount of income, it may be a reward or voucher, or cash for every successful account opening. Once the referred person starts to trade on his or her Demat account then you will earn additional income as a brokerage commission. 

There are Two Types of Refer and Earn income types that will be provided by the AngelOne. Based on these Referral programs the angel broking referral amount will vary.   


Two Types of Refer and Earn Income 

  • Direct Refer and Earn Option

In this category, Demat account holders can refer people and earn gift vouchers for successful refers. To refer you must have your Demat account in AngelOne. For one Direct referral, you will earn a ₹300 Gift Voucher after opening his or her successful Demat account. When your friend does his or her first trade, you will earn a ₹500 Gift Voucher. And also your friend will earn ₹500 brokerage cashback, and free MTF for 30 days. 

As per AngelOne company instruction, the AngelOne employees are not eligible for Referral commission for the referral. They are not allowed to get any commission or vouchers from the company for a referral. 


  • Become AngelOne DRA partner

AngelOne DRA is one of the finest referral programs, where people can earn amazing income. This program has several income categories which can make the people millionaires not even doing trading and single investment. Are you excited? If yes continue reading. 


In this category, You have to apply to become Digital Referal Associate. It is kind of becoming a partner of the AgelOne referral program. And for this, you must have some eligibility criteria to be met. To know the eligibility criteria for becoming a DRA partner, please read out our another article called ‘’Eligibility to become DRA’’ on our blog. Once open your Demat account you can apply for the DRA partner program.


In the DRA program, For one referral you will earn ₹200 to ₹500 Commission and a Lifetime brokerage commission of up to 40% from your friend’s trade.  And finally,  If you refer new DRA under DRA refer DRA scheme, then you will earn up to 20% sharing of your DRA’s income. 


You can Check out our article about How to Earn Money from AngelOne DRA program on our blog. Also, you can open your account directly from here by clicking on below Account opening link. Please make sure to complete all the KYC formats. Otherwise, you will be not eligible to become DRA. 


How to apply for AngelOne DRA partner program?

AngelOne DRA program is one of the best-earning sources for those who want to earn in refer and earn category. Now the question is how to apply for the DRA partner program?. Once you open a Demat account successfully you are eligible for the direct referral system. You can just share your referral link with your friends. But if you want to become DRA then you have to apply for it via AngelOne relationship manager or you can apply from the direct AngelOne official site.


What is introducer code in Angel Broking (AngelOne)?

It is a Referral code that you need to enter while registering yourself in AngelOne for a new Demat account


The Introducer Code is KTTKP. Use this referrer code to open a new Demat account on AngelOne. If you use this code you will get ₹500 brokerage cashback and free MTF for 30 days. And also you can open a free Demat account if you use this Referral code.

If you click the Account Opening link below, the referral code will be automatically fetched. If not you can copy Referral code KTTKP and paste it into the introducer code column. 


Click here to Open Free Demat Account and become DRA



Q: Is AngelOne DRA Program still available?

A: Yes, AngelOne DRA referral program is still available.  You can apply for DRA once you successfully opened your Demat account. But you have to meet their eligibility criteria before applying for DRA. 


Q: What is angel broking refer and earn terms and conditions?

A:  To become a DRA partner you have to follow some instructions. Not all can become a DRA, but if they meet eligibility then anybody can be a partner of the DRA program. 




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