vixoma is real or fake | vixoma online shopping portal Review 2024

vixoma is real or fake | vixoma online shopping portal Review 2023


vixoma is real or fake: If you are a person who loves to do online shopping always, then you might have come across with vixoma online shopping site. Did you try to order any items from vixoma site? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss whether vixoma is real or fake. Based on the real fact we will discuss whether is real or fake. 

vixoma is real or fake

What is

Vixoma site claims that it is an online shopping portal with a variety of products. They also have a very cheap price as compared to other shopping sites. But it is very noted why they are providing for a very low price. Let’s discuss this scenario in the coming lines. Like other online shopping portals, here also you can order your products. This is what they say. 


vixoma is real or fake

Based on some real instances and scam detector sites, and scam advisers sites, is a fake website. The scam detector sites algorithm measures around 50+ factors and decides whether these types of websites or apps are real or fake. 


As per research, analyze has a very low trust score and very high scam scores. It shows a zero trust score for portal. So let us elaborate on why ‘’vixoma site’’ is considered a scam site. 


  • has a zero trust score
  • No owner details are available on any media, or websites.
  • portal is not working as of now
  • Vixoma identity is hidden in the portal
  • has very bad reviews on google and youtube
  • Lots of complaints roses against the website. 
  • Very low alexa rank found for the site
  • Site is one year old.


Is Vixoma scam site?

Yes, Vixoma site is a scam site. As of now, the domain vixoma is not working.  The provided contact number 7428731249 is not working. They said that they have COD (cash on delivery) option. But on the website after placing an order you will not find a cod option. 


The listed products are not actually available. They just simply provide images on the website to impress the visitors. There are a lot of people who have complained that they did not get placed product and even the company did not refund the amount. Most customers have lost their money from the site after placing order. 



As per our review, the vixoma is fake website. Hope you are satisfied with our review article on vixoma is real or fake. If so please visit again our site and support us. You can find scam app reviews and fake website reviews on our site This article will give the answer for vixoma is fraud or genuine, vixoma website real or fake.


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Q: Is and is same or different company?

A: No, it is totally different. Vixoma is fake online shopping site. And Vixima is a online dating, gaming, site making company. 


Q: What is Vixoma Customer care number?

A: The vixoma site’s customer care number is 7428731249. But this number is not reachable or unavailable. Because this site and number are fake. 


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