Cloud Rewards App is real or fake | Genuine Review About Cloud Rewards Earning App

Genuine review about new earning app Cloud Rewards App.

Hello, friend Welcome back to You might have heard about a new earning app called Cloud Rewards App. This article is all about whether the Cloud Rewards App is real or fake. People are looking for different opportunities to earn money from any source at any cost. Because most people lost their earning source or jobs due to this corona pandemic. 


In order to make money, most people never think about whether the earning application is fake or real which they are using. They just download it from any provided referral link and start to use it. Fraudsters will take advantage of this leverage. They just start sending some inappropriate messages like hiring for jobs and all, people will believe it.


You might have watched many videos about the Cloud Rewards App promoting to earn money. There are fewer reviews available on the internet about this app because it is a newly launched app. Most people promote this kind of app for referral purposes.  


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When it was launched nobody bothered about withdrawals or the reality of this earning app. But now when it comes to the real part of withdrawal, most users started to search in google about the Cloud Rewards App real or fake?, Cloud Rewards App withdrawal problem, Cloud Rewards App customer care number, and so on. 

While you register this kind of fraudulent application, one unknown person will start to chat with you through WhatsApp in the girl’s identity and image. They will try to convince you with fake documents saying that we have a government-authorized company. These bloody fraudsters utilize common people’s innocence. 


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I used to give you genuine reviews about many fraudulent earning applications on my blog So the people can get the proper knowledge about this kind of fraudulent earning app. I feel good to give awareness about the scam applications on my blog.. 


In this article, I will give some important points about the Cloud Rewards App based on some real-time results. By this, you can decide whether the Cloud Rewards App is real or fake. Even after reading this review, it is your wish to invest or not.


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Cloud Rewards App is Real or Fake

What is the Cloud Rewards App?

Cloud Rewards App is a new money-earning app. They claim that people can earn money by doing some irrelevant tasks and referring more people. To earn money you need to purchase a virtual machine.  

I do not want to give more description about how to invest and when to invest in it and all. Because I am here to give you a review about the earning app whether this Cloud Rewards App is real or fake


Cloud Rewards App is real or fake?

No, the Cloud Rewards App is a fake earning app. It is a newly launched fake earning app. The name Cloud Rewards is a copy of another reputed company. But the original company does not have a disclaimer about Cloud Rewards App


Particularly In this app, the proper ownership details are not available. Let me give you some noticeable information about the Cloud Rewards App. It may help you to decide whether the Cloud Rewards App is real or fake.


By looking at the app design and its convincing strategy, you can make out whether the Cloud Rewards App is real or fake. They will not reveal their original identity and their official address. They just try to divert your mind by talking about profitable returns. There will be no information about the company CEO. 


This fraudulent Cloud Rewards App uses a simple and common business model which the most fraudulent app uses. No customer support is available. Initially, they provide proper withdrawals to gain the trust of users. In case this Cloud Rewards App is real then why do they not reveal their original identity? 


  • It is the common strategy used in most fraudulent applications.
  • No official website available for this app
  • No Official contact details are available
  • Domain registered from Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  • Domain registrant name not available
  • There is no privacy policy available
  • There is no disclaimer page provided
  • Domain registrant email address and official address not available 
  • There is no founder information available 
  • There is no developer information available 
  • App Domain registered on October 2021
  • Given a very lucrative plan for users. It is a common trick of fraudsters
  • No future plan is available
  • Poorly designed app
  • Application operating person identity is hidden
  • Provided fake About us information. 
  • Provided fake details about the company
  • Contact person identity is hidden


I hope now you got a clear picture of this fraud application. Never trust any application until and unless they claim their real identity and ownership. First of all, the Cloud Rewards App application is not available on the google play store. So it is confirmed this app is not trustable. There are still many fraud applications available on the internet which are cheating innocent people. 


I hope you liked this review and got good and enough information about the Cloud Rewards App from this article.  


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Is it safe to invest in a Cloud Rewards App?

No, It is not safe to invest in a Cloud Rewards App. Because fraudulent apps never give you a guarantee for your money. I do not recommend investing your money in this app. Because on the initial days of the app launch, you will get good profit and without any difficulty, you will be able to withdraw your money to your account. Gradually, the withdrawal process might get screwed due to various fake reasons. 

There were a lot of fake earning applications that came to the market and vanished without giving a withdrawal of the profit amount.  You can easily find the fraudulent application by domain checking in or in whois lookup. 


Most of these kinds of applications are operating from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Arizona, Iceland, China which are well known for fraudsters and scammers. 


Cloud Rewards App Download

Cloud Rewards App is not available on the google play store to download. Initially, Cloud Rewards App was available in the google play store. Due to low performance and a lot of bad reviews this app has been removed from the google play store.

Now you need to download the apk version of the Cloud Rewards App from some particular websites if you want to use it. But we never recommend downloading it for earning. 


Make Money Online Application to earn money from home

Still, there are many genuine and legit earning mobile applications available on the internet. I have provided many earning application details on my blog You can check out the articles on Earn money online tab on my blog. 


Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, youtube channel, blogging, freelancing are the real and genuine methods to earn a standard income. There are many people who build their life through these amazing opportunities and they now lead a luxurious life. 


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I do not recommend the Cloud Rewards App to earn money and invest in it. Initially, it might give you returns. But gradually they may hold your amount for some unnecessary purpose.  


You can report any money laundering and fraudulent applications to the Cyber Crime Department online.


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Q: Is the Cloud Rewards App legit or a scam?

A: No, It is not legit. It is a scam app. 


Q: How to download a Cloud Rewards App?

A: There is no official website available to download this app


Q: What is the Customer care number of the Cloud Rewards App?

A: No official customer care number is available for this app.


Q: Who is the founder of the Cloud Rewards App?

A: There is no information about the founder.


Q: Cloud Rewards App withdrawal problem?

A: There is no such information available about the withdrawal issue.


Q: How to withdraw money from the Cloud Rewards app


A: There is no such information available about the withdrawal issue.

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