V8 Football App is Real or Fake | New Earning App Genuine Review 2022

Genuine Review about V8 Football App/ V8 Soccer App 2022

Here I am again bringing a genuine review about a new earning application which is booming up and trying to loot the people. Coolinglass.com is always standing in the front line to create awareness against those fraudulent apps. In this article, we will discuss whether V8 Football App is Real or Fake. It is a newly launched earning app through betting. I Will try to clear people’s doubts about this app. 


Even after reading so many fake app reviews, people are not waking up and stopping to invest in those apps. Making real money is not as easy as those fraudulent apps claim. Hard work and persistence show the right way to make real money out of your pocket.


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Many YouTubers and bloggers already promoted the v8 football app to the earning purpose by getting more referrals. But very few people creating awareness against this kind of app. After looking at the promotions of v8 football app on your social media platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook, you might have come across some questions such as 8 Football App is Real or Fake, 8 Football App is Genuine or Scam, What is 8 Football App? How to withdraw money from 8 Football App, 8 Football App Legit or fraud, and so on.

v8 football app is real or fake

What is the v8 football app?

V8 football app is a new earning app that claims that you can earn money by betting on virtual football games. And also they claim that you can earn money by referring more people to this app. To bet on a virtual soccer game you have to invest money in the name of recharge. 


Important points about V8 Football App

To know whether V8 Football App is Real or Fake we have to go through some important points which can prove V8 Football App is fake. Basically I never simply judge about earning apps. I used to give some genuine points based on research about new earning applications whether those are legit or fake. I request you guys to check out App Reviews on my blog coolinglass.com, where I have reviewed many earning applications already. 


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  • Poorly developed application
  • A common strategy used as earlier fraudulent earning apps
  • Targets more investors in a short amount of time.
  • No official website is available 
  • Domain registered from China
  • No Contact information is available 
  • No Founder and Owner details are available 
  • V8 Football is a copy of another reputed site name
  • Never disclose their identity
  • Domain registered on October 2021
  • Domain valid for only one year
  • Some secured systems will not allow to the installation of this app. 
  • V8 Football App not available google play store and app store due to scam alert. 


I think these factors are enough to determine whether the v8 football app is real or fake. If you are not satisfied with the points given above, I will try to explain them briefly below.



V8 Football App is Real or Fake

No, the V8 Football app is a fake earning application. It is operated from china and by a fraudulent team. They just try to achieve their targeted money from the people. And then without any further notice, they will vanish from the internet. Nobody can trace and catch them. 


Using referral programs and virtual machine renting or virtual gaming, they gain investments from people, that’s it. These fraudsters just trap the people in the name of recharging, tax payments, fund transfer fees, and all. 


Recently, the Hyderabad Police Department chief issued a press note on this type of fraud application. He cited some of the culprits involved in this case. The Hyderabad police said the investigation is still underway.


Fake Earning app link – https://www.v8fb.com/signup?


V8 Football App is Genuine or fraud

No, the V8 football earning app is not a genuine app. It is a fraudulent app. Never invest in this app. Initially, you will get returns from this app. Gradually this kind of app starts to hold your withdrawals. 


Think twice before investing in this kind of app. If they really genuine then why they are hiding their identity? Why they are not ready to give you real information? Why they are not disclosing owner information?. 


V8 Football app legit or scam?

No, the v8 football app is not a legit application. All information they provide in the app is fake. You will notice that all fraudulent applications have the same design and profitability plans. They just show the fake documents to people just for gaining trust. 



The V8 Football App is a fraudulent app. I don’t recommend this app to make money by betting. As such, betting is not legal in India. It is illegal. Remember that if you lose your money on this type of app, you can’t recover from them nor you can complain against them. But you have one option that you can just try to file a complaint online at the Cyber Crime Department Online Portal.


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Legit Way to Make money online

Beyond this fraudulent app, there are plenty of other legit and 100 percent genuine applications available on the internet to earn a good income from home using your smartphone itself. It may be website designing, reselling business, content writing, crypto trading, stock market trading, freelancing. You can check out my articles about how to earn money online on my blog coolinglass.com.


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Q: Who is the owner of the v8 football betting app?

A: No founder and owner information is available on the internet, though it is a fraudulent app. 


Q: How to download the v8 football app?

A: v8 football app is a scam application. We do not recommend this app to download. 


Q: How to withdraw money from the v8 football app?

A: Initially they will provide withdrawal to your bank account. Gradually they hold your amount. Because it is a common trick of these fraudulent applications. 


Q: What is the v8 football app customer care number?

A: There is no customer care number provided for this fraudulent app. 


Q: Is the v8 football app Indian or Chinese?

A: v8 football app is a China app. 


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