CJONSTYLE Scam: CJONSTYLE is a Biggest Scam! CJCJAPP.COM Stopped working

CJONSTYLE is a Biggest Scam! CJCJAPP.COM Stopped working

CJONSTYLE Scam: Hello everyone thank you for visiting my blog coolinglass.com. In this article, I would want to give some important information related to cjonstyle app scam. Cjonstyle has been disguised as the original company cjonstyle. The original cjonstyle group CJ Corporation is a venture under CJ ENM COMMERCE DIV. And it is Korean based multi-purpose company. So, understand the difference between the original CJonstyle company and CJ onstyle app. Because CJONSTYLE is a Biggest Scam.


Cjonstyle earning app has copied everything from word to word including the logo from the company cjonstyle. Cjonstyle is basically a shopping-oriented company. It has different shopping companies collaboration with it. The original cjonstyle company was headed by CEO Heo Min Ho. Cjonstyle was incorporated in 2010. The company has launched the Live Shopping Platform ‘CJONSTYLE’ in 2021. But on this platform, you do not have the option to earn money. It is just shopping oriented platform. You have complete details available about CJ Group on their website. 


CJOnstyle Server Details

CJ onstyle is a complete scam-earning app. CJONSTYLE Scam has spread in many countries including India.  It is not associated with the CJ Group. Cj Onstyle hide themselves using different VPNs.  Using VPN different teams operate from different locations or different countries. VPN is a virtual private network that can help users to disguise themselves. According to research, This fraudulent CJonstyle earning app bought a domain from Godaddy. And hosting server hosted in Cloudflare. This fraudulent company has provided fake details which can be shown on whois.com and the whois lookup page. 


This fraudulent app has already scammed crores of people already and still continuing its activity. By the way, I have already reviewed this scam app on my blog coolinglass.com. And my article CJonstyle app real or fake is already published and created awareness about this app among lots of people. You check out almost details about CJONSTYLE Scam in this article. Please do visit.  


CJONSTYLE app associated sites.

Fraudulent app Cjonstyle is running almost 49 websites or domains from their team. Such as, cjcjapp.com, cj113.com, cj117.com, cj220.com, cj221.com, cj223.com, cj226.com, cj227.com, cj337.com, cj488.com, cj511.com, cj552.com, cj553.com, cj556.com,  cj956.com, cj957.com, cj958, cj960.com, cj962.com, cj963.com, cj964.com, cj965.com, cj967.com, cj968.com, cj970.com, cj971.com, cj972.com, hqsdd06.hpgj00.com etc.


I would suggest if you come across these kinds of websites to earn money and investment, then please keep yourself secure and try to keep away from this website. In case you wish to invest money and earn from this app, then it is 100 percent sure that you are going to lose your money. In the end, people face the withdrawal issue and never get withdrawals from them. I tried to give full information about CJONSTYLE Scam in this article.  


Fake Crypto coins in the name of returns and withdrawals. 

In India, cjonstyle has not used a crypto coin returns strategy, maybe due to government restrictions. But in some tier 1 countries and tier 2 countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, the fraudulent app cjonstyle gives withdrawals in crypto coins. According to them, they are using the TRC20 platform to give withdrawals. But be frank, this is hundred percent fake. These factors again prove that CJONSTYLE is a Biggest Scam. 


This fake earning app has given deposit and withdrawal methods in fake crypto coins for United Kingdom users. Those fake crypto coins do not exist in the blockchain in reality. They have used this technique with great agility. Their website will show you the transaction address. Its looks like a blockchain address.  


On the other side, YouTubes are responsible for people’s lost money from this app. For the referral purpose, those YouTubers promote this kind of fake earning application without checking the reality of the site by providing fake cjonstyle money withdrawal proofs. I do not want to mention those YouTubers, And I request those Youtubers to stop promoting fake applications. If not I recommend people to report those YouTuber’s channels that’s it. 


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Q: Is CJ ONSTYLE legit?

A: No. absolutely not. Based on the research, CJ ONSTYLE earning app is a fraudulent app. And this fraudulent app has copied everything from the original fashion-oriented company CJ Group to build trust from people. 


Q: What is CJ ONSTYLE app?

A: CJ ONSTYLE App is a fraudulent earning app. It is already scammed lakhs of people already. They claim that people can earn money by doing various irrelevant tasks. CJ ONSTYLE app is not associated with CJ Group of companies. 


Q: What is CJ Korean?

A: CJ Group of a company is basically a Korean-based company. And it is headed by the CEO Heo Min Ho. Cjonstyle was incorporated in 2010. The company has launched the Live Shopping Platform ‘CJONSTYLE’ in 2021. The elaboration of CJ is ‘Cheil Jedang’. 

CJONSTYLE App and CJONSTYLE is completely different firms. It is not associated with each other. CJONSTYLE company is well established fashion-oriented company. But CJONSTYLE App is a fraudulent earning app that scammed many people. 


Q: What is the full form of CJ?

A: The full form of CJ is ‘Cheil Jedang’


Q: Is CJ Logistics a legit company?

A: Yes, CJ Logistics is a legit company. It is a subsidiary company of CJ Corporation. CJ group of company has multiple ventures. 


Q: What companies are under CJ?

A: CJ Logistics, CJ Media, On-Media, Mnet Media, CJ Entertainment, CJ Games, CJ Internet, CJ Shopping, CJ Sugar Cosmetics. 


Q: Who is the CEO of CJ Corporation or CJ Group?

A: The CEO of CJ Corporation is Heo Min Ho



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