Poll Pay app is real or fake | Genuine review about PollPay

Complete review of the Poll Pay survey app

Welcome back friends, coolinglass.com is here to give you proper guidance on which app to select to earn money online. Or the selected app is genuine or not, real or fake, and all. So let’s look at the survey-based earning app  Poll Pay App. It is important to know whether the Poll Pay app is real or fake before using it. 


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I know most of you guys already using the Poll Pay app to earn money and referred many people. Because Poll Pay was launched in 2019. And since then it is running. But still, many of you have doubts about whether Poll Pay App is real or fake?, the Poll Pay app is genuine or a scam? Poll Pay app scam? What is the Poll Pay app? Is the Poll Pay app is good to earn money from a survey? Who is the owner of the Poll Pay App? How do you get paid on poll pay?

Poll Pay app real or fake

What is Poll Pay App?

Poll Pay app is a survey-based earning app. It claims that people can earn money, rewards, gift cards by taking different surveys, doing various tasks, and referring more people.   Poll Pay app also provides specific games related to mind games like quizzes. You have also a chance to win cash through daily spin games. 


You might have heard about Swagbuck, it is very familiar for earning money by taking the various surveys. Poll Pay also is similar to this app. But nowadays many users are facing the issue of withdrawals in the Poll Pay app, earnings not crediting, survey not completing, not being able to select the survey answer, poll pay account disabling, How do you get paid on poll pay? unable to take a survey in Poll Pay App, etc. 


Poll Pay app is real or fake?

We should take a look at some important points to decide whether the Poll Pay app is real or fake. I will some positive points and some negative points based on real reviews which were collected from google play store, youtube comments, and from another review. Blindly we can not say it is fake or real because based on the evidence we can judge. 


In fact, those apps also somebodies feed source right. But I never tolerate those apps, which ask people to invest in the name of recharge for renting virtual machines to daily earn money online. I just try to prove those apps are fraudulent apps by providing the proper and genuine proof. 


Positive Points(Pros):

  • You can find the developer name  – BitBurst Gmbh
  • Developer company ButBurst exists from 2014
  • Poll Pay app domain registered in 2019
  • Simple interface 
  • Having Privacy policy according to Art. 13 and 21 GDPR
  • App Available on google play store, iOs app store.
  • The official website has full details about the founder and management teams.
  • Provided management team details are genuine and related to the company. 
  • People do not need to invest money to earn from the app.

Negative Points(Cons):

  • Lots of bad comments on Google play store and other app stores.
  • Looks like provided a fake star rating. Even though lots of bad comments, how any app can get a 4.5 rating out of 5?
  • Lots of complaints about not getting rewards and gift cards for doing their tasks.
  • Lots of complaints about disconnecting surveys in between the tasks. People will lose their chances to win the rewards most of the time.
  • No customer support 
  • Even if the company is genuine, the application does not have to be real. 
  • Poor performance of the app.
  • Fewer beneficiaries as per reviews on the internet.
  • App domain has been registered from Reykjavik, Iceland. 
  • If it is a genuine app, then why is the domain registered from those countries which were widely known for fraudsters centers?
  • This app has lots of ads on the screen. 


So based on these details our final decision is, this company is genuine but app not good up to the mark. But we cannot say it is a fraud or a fake app. Because it is still running and giving rewards based on the surveys. 


There is nothing to lose in this application. Rather you will get some rewards and earnings to PayPal for your patience. But one thing is to notice that, most users lost their earnings and most people don’t get their rewards for their tasks and surveys. Due to lots of ads on the app, users get frustrated with using it. But the developer earns money from these advertisements. 


Is Poll Pay app legit?

Poll Pay App is legit but not a good app to earn money. Those who have extra patience than required, only they can make money from this app. Because you must invest your precious time in this app to earn money or rewards. But one thing is you do not need to invest money in this app. So those who have looking to earn money without investment can earn little much from this app. 


I would suggest people rather than using this kind of app to earn money, can use other genuine applications to make money online like Meesho, angel booking DRA, Wazirx, etc. 


Is the Poll Pay app scam?

Poll Pay app is not a scam app, but this app will not make you rich. As per our review Poll Pay app is not a good choice to earn money online. You do not need to invest money in this app in the name of recharge. But you must invest your precious time. 


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How to download the Poll Pay app?

This app is available on google play store, iOs, and other app stores as well. You can download it from there itself. You can also click here to download the poll pay app. I just giving you the link to download because there is nothing to lose your money from this app. While resting you can do surveys in this app and earn rewards. Who knows you will be the lucky guy to win the good rewards and gifts from this app. 


After downloading the app you must enter the referral code ‘’ UE7RHCEXLD ‘’ in your app. You will get a benefit of 0.25$ as a starting bonus instantly to your wallet. 


Click here to download the poll pay app


Even if it is not a good app, you can just try it out once. Don’t forget to use the referral code. If you liked it then continue or else you are free to give the review on the google play store. You can also leave a comment here below so that other readers will get to know the facts about the app.


How do you get paid on poll pay?

Poll Pay will pay you to PayPal for your various tasks and games. From PayPal, you can transfer the amount to your respective bank accounts. The minimum you can withdraw from Poll Pay is 10$. And maximum of 50$ you withdraw once. For each transaction, you have to pay the fee of 0.50$. 


How to earn money from Poll Pay?

Poll Pay has different types of earning methods. People can earn money from various tasks, by taking surveys, playing games, reading newspapers, playing spin games, etc. But I don’t think so, these are all methods that will give you money or rewards. They again claim that you will win iPhone for doing some irrelevant tasks. But there is no instance recorder where users got these gifts.  


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I do not recommend this app to earn money. Rather than earning money, you will lose your precious time. As per reviews on the google play store, most users were not able to earn money from this app. Instead, they simply wasted time by doing irrelevant tasks and surveys. If you have more time and patience then by all means you can try out. 


In case you have found any kind of fraudulent from this kind of app, then you can report against them on Cyber Crime Portal.


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Q: Who is the developer of the Poll Pay app?

A: BitBurst Gmbh


Q: Why Poll Pay app not working?

A: It is a common issue which was most users face.


Q: Is Poll Pay the best app to earn money from surveys?

A: No, we do not recommend this is the best app to earn money from doing surveys.


Q: How do I get a withdrawal from the poll pay app?

A: You can take your payment directly to PayPal once you reached the minimum threshold.


Q: What is the minimum threshold to get a withdrawal from the poll pay app?

A: The minimum threshold to get a withdrawal is 10$


Q: What is the maximum withdrawal I can take from the poll pay app at once?

A: 50$


Q: What is the referral code to enter in the poll pay app?

A: The referral code is to enter in the poll pay app is  ‘’ UE7RHCEXLD ‘’


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