Rajinikanth Birthday Special | Unknown facts about Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth Birthday Special | Unknown facts about Rajinikanth


Rajinikanth Birthday Special: Megastar Rajinikanth is stepping up 71 today and the Indian Cinema industry is celebrating it. Rajinikanth’s extraordinary journey leading from the ordinary Bangalore boy to the ‘Thalaivaa’ of the Southern cinema industry, continues to inspire the Indian masses.


On the 71st birthday of Thalaivaa, let us recall some unknown facts about him. Rajinikanth was honored with the Padma Vibhushana in 2016 for his contribution to Indian cinema. At the same time, in 2000, the government awarded him the Padma Bhushan. Rajinikanth was also honored with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest cinema award in the world.

Rajinikanth Biography

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Interesting Facts about Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth on Rajinikanth Birthday Special


  • Rajinikanth has worked as a carpenter, coolie, and bus conductor at Bangalore to lead life before entering into an acting career. 


  • Rajinikanth made his debut in the movie ‘Apoorva Raagangal’ alongside Kamal Hassan.


  • Rajinikanth is also known as Thalaivaa of the southern movies.

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  • Rajinikanth was honored with the Dadasaheb Phalke award in the year 2020.


  • Rajinikanth has received six Tamil Nadu state awards.


  • Rajinikanth was honored with the Padma Bhushan award in the year of 2000


  • Rajinikanth was honored with the Padma Bhushan award in the year of 2016


  • Rajinikanth is not his real name. Rajinikanth’s real name is Shivaji Rao Gayakwad. Named after the heroic Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji. He grew up speaking Marathi and Kannada


  • Rajinikanth was getting 750 Rs salary when he was working as a conductor in the bus


  • Rajinikanth born in Bangalore on 1950 12th December


  • Rajinikanth started his film journey as a villain. 


  • In 2010, Rajinikanth was named the most influential Indian by Forbes India


  • He is the only Indian actor to appear in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum titled ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’


  • Rajinikanth has acted in 11 remakes of Tamil from Amita Bacchan movies.


  • Meena is the only actress who has worked as a child artist and later as a heroine.


  • Superstar’s blockbuster movie Enthiran was originally supposed to be made by Kamal Haasan.


  • Rajinikanth used to go to the Himalayas after releasing his new movies. 


  • Andha Kanoon is Rajinikanth’s first movie in Bollywood


  • Valli is the first film in which Rajinikanth wrote the screenplay. She also made a cameo appearance in the film.


  • Rajinikanth’s Raja Chinna Roja movie was the 1st Indian film to feature live-action and animation


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Q: What is Rajinikanth’s first movie?

A: Rajinikanth’s first movie was Apoorva Raagangal


Q: What is superstar Rajinikanth’s date of birth?

A: Rajinikanth date of birth 12th December 1950


Q: What is Rajinikanth’s new movie?

A: Rajinikanth’s new movie Chandramukhi 2


Q: What is Rajinikanth’s wife’s name?

A: Rajinikanth’s wife name is Latha rajinikanth


Q: What is Rajinikanth’s age as of today?

A: Rajinikanth turned 71 today


Q: What is the name of Rajinikanth’s son-in-law?

A: Rajinikanth’s son in law is Dhanush


Q: What is the networth of Rajinikanth?

A: Rajinikanth networth is 50 million


Q: Who directed Rajinikanth’s annaatthe movie?

A: Rajinikanth’s Annatthe movie has been directed by Cheetah Siva


Q: What is Rajinikant’s children’s name?

A: Rajinikanth has two daughters aishwarya rajinikanth and soundarya rajinikanth



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