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How to start a Blog| Full Information about How to find Topic to write content

How to Write Blog Post: Blogging is all the way of creating content for people. To write content you must know How to Write Blog Post.  Blogging is the new trend to earn money online. Blogging is not only work. It is a passion. Everybody cannot be a blogger. If you have a passion for writing and doing something new then only you can become a blogger. 


It is good if you have started writing a blog. Make a best practice of writing the right content for the people. Most people start a blog on It is free to use and you no need to take any server or hostings. But you can not modify it as you wish. You only have to use default settings. 

How to write Blog Post

I strongly suggest shifting your website from to WordPress. For this, you need the Best Hosting for the website and the cheapest hosting in India.  Because anyhow you have started a money-making business, a Kind of startup. Please do not take it for granted. Invest some amount of money initially one time. Later it will give you the best profit. 


I recommend Hostinger web hosting to every new blogger or beginner to start a new blog. Because Hostinger is a very user-friendly Hosting which is available on the internet as of now. Most bloggers in India are using Hostinger Web Hosting to create their websites. Even I am also using the same. Hostinger is available at a very cheap and affordable price. At present, the price is 69 Rs. per month for Single Web Hosting and 149 Rs. per month for Premium web hosting


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Advantages and Disadvantages of migrating websites from Blogger to WordPress? 

There are many differences between using Blogger and Worpress. Those who have shifted from Blogger to WordPress they know the fact. I am also one of them. I am writing it from personal experience. Although blogger is free, you can reach your expected result as far as a site that is developed in WordPress. 


Advantages of Creating a Website on

  1. It is free to use for a lifetime
  2. Anybody can create a simple website using a free theme
  3. No need to worry about server and Storage
  4. You do not need to buy Hosting
  5. You can monetize your blog with AdSense


Disadvantages of Creating a Website on

  1. Difficult to rank on google
  2. Difficult to get AdSense approval
  3. AdSence Revenue sharing is too low. Publishers receive only 51% of the profit from every google ads
  4. You can only use default themes or premade themes on the website
  5. Cannot modify as your requirement
  6. You cannot use plugins
  7. Additional features like theme modification, ad setting, polls, etc are not available. 


Advantages of creating a website on WordPress

  1. Can be designed as required
  2. Easy to Manage
  3. Can be ranked within a minute after publishing a post
  4. You can use any paid or free plugins
  5. You can use any themes you want
  6. You can design your post as you want
  7. You can place an ad anywhere you required
  8. You can Manage live analytics on the WordPress itself using plugins
  9. You can promote anything using landing pages using WordPress
  10. You can protect your site from a brutal attack
  11. You have the option to use personal email addresses using your site domain. 
  12. Adsense revenue sharing is good compared to blogger. 
  13. Publisher will receive 68% of the revenue sharing from the ads from google. 


Disadvantages of creating a website on WordPress

  1. You will not be provided with a free server or storage. You must buy the hosting to manage the server
  2. Storage and server capacity depend on the hostings which going to purchase. For those who are looking for low-cost blogging, it may be difficult to afford. 
  3. Developing and Coding may be complicated for beginners 


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How to Start a Blog on WordPress?

Starting a blog on WordPress is an easy process. Before creating a website on WordPress make sure you know the steps to follow. Read this article fully to know the step-by-step process to create a website on WordPress. 


Once you are clear with How to Start a Blog, then we will move to How to Write Blog Post. Because after landing on the WordPress dashboard you will be surprised by seeing the various option which we can use for blogging. Remember, your content and SEO skills will bring you success in your blogging journey. Not your expensive hosting nor colorful theme.


  1. Click to Create a Website
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Purchase the Web Hosting and Make the payment
  4. Login to Hosting and make some required setting
  5. Add and Point your domain
  6. Install WordPress to your Domain
  7. Go to WordPress Dashboard
  8. Build your Website


In case you are creating the website from scratch then just follow the above steps as it is and blogging. If you already have the site on, then follow the below steps to start a blog in WordPress.  Because to move your old site from blogger to WordPress you must follow some steps. 


  1. Click to Create a Website
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Purchase the Web Hosting and Make the payment
  4. Login to blogger 
  5. Remove a custom domain from the blogger site
  6. Export Blogger site and save it in drive
  7. Login to Hosting (Hpanel)
  8. Add and Point your old domain to the domain provider from the new hosting
  9. Install the WordPress to your Domain
  10. Open WordPress dashboard
  11. Do some basic settings(permalink, date, theme)
  12. Import backup using the Blogger Importer plugin.
  13. Install Blogger to WordPress plugin for redirection
  14. Setup your website. 


Create a Website

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What are the required plugins to create a website?

To build a smart and amazing website, you must need some important plugins. WordPress itself provides thousands of free plugins to design and set up your website. You can develop a site using those free plugins itself. You do not need any premium plugins.  In case you want to build a professional website, then you can go with premium plugins and themes.


List of some plugins 

  1. Yoast or Rank Math
  2. Ad Inserter
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) (Optional)
  4. Akismet Anti-Spam
  5. Classic Editor (Optional)
  6. Classic Widgets(Optional)
  7. LiteSpeed Cache
  8. Simple Ads.txt
  9. Web Stories
  10. XML Sitemap & Google News


I hope the above article will help you to build a new website or create a new website and migrate the old website from blogger to WordPress platform. Each and every step I have tried to explain in this blog. 


So now lets we talk about How to write content for blogging, how to write an article, and how to write a blog. Best SEO settings to rank on google. 


How to Write content for blogging? How to Write a Blog Post? What content should I write on my blog?

Once you create a website now the main part is content. Many people start the blog with the josh, but they fail to write proper content and get traffic. And they will start searching on Google like How to Write A Content? How to Write SEO-friendly Content? How to write a blog? How to Write a Blog Post?  How to find the topic? And more. 


Follow the below steps to write the right content for the blog to rank on Google instantly.  


Step 1. Initially, decide the topic on which you want to write a blog. 

Step 2. Once you have decided on the topic then find out what people really want to know about that particular topic which you have selected. 

Step 3. Find the related questions 

Step 4. Find the Answers and Solution

Step 5. Find the Keyword value

Step 6. Now Start writing the Article.


What is the Best Article Format to rank on google?

Your article must be in a good format. You can not write an article as you wish. Because the reader must be satisfied with the content that you provide. Remember you are not just giving them content, you are providing value for them. So that they plan to visit again to your site. 


  1. What article are you writing and What does it include (Add Focus Keyword)
  2. Elaborate on people’s problems regarding the subject (Add Focus Keyword)
  3. Add poster image
  4. Tell them What you are going to give or what solution are you giving
  5. Explain the solution briefly (Add Internatl Link if available)
  6. Convince the people that this is the best answer(article) for their problem. 
  7. Conclude your article
  8. Add FAQ
  9. Finish your article


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The Best SEO Settings To Rank on the first page in google

Not only do you need to know How to write blog post, but you also need to learn how to do content SEO. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the main game of blogging to get ranked on google instantly. If you are good at SEO then it is easy to rank on google and get targeted traffic to your content. But what if you are zero at SEO! Never mind, I will give some SEO tips to you. You just follow it as it is. I am gonna tell you What is SEO? How it Works and all. Because a lot of experienced people have explained SEO already. I just provide what I used to follow while writing content on my blog. Moreover, you can observe this article itself to compare the SEO that I going to tell you.  


  1. Use Poster Image
  2. Article Font size must be 12 or 13
  3. Must Use H2, and H3 Headings
  4. If possible Add a FAQ
  5. Must Use Internal link and External link at least one
  6. Article first paragraph musk contain Focus Keyword
  7. The article must be at least 600 Words to rank
  8. Use Focus Keyword three times if the article is below 1000 words
  9. Use Alt Text for Images
  10. The poster Image must be at least 1200 x 630 pixels


How to find topics to write content on blog?

It is a common question that arises for every new blogger. Because writing the right content is actually a complicated thing. You can not rank on google if your content is non-related or non-searchable. To write content you must follow the standard steps which I have described above. As I said Keyword research using Best Keywod Research Tool is the first thing to do before writing content. 


To research a topic you have multiple ways on the internet. You can use either one of them to find the low-competitive and high-traffic keywords and topics. Below are some ways to find the topic to write content. 


  1. Google Question hub
  2. Google Trends
  3. Bing Trending News
  4. Trending searches 
  5. Viral Stories
  6. Latest News
  7. Twitter trending
  8. Facebook Trending
  9. Trending reels
  10. Google related searched
  11. People also ask on Google



I hope after reading How to write blog post article it will not be difficult for you to start a new blog and write SEO-friendly articles to rank on google that too on the first page. Let me know if you need more information on How to write blog post.  Now it’s your time to become a successful blogger and earn standard earnings online. 


You can monetize your blog with Adsense, or other methods such as affiliate marketing, guest posting, sponsored content, and third-party advertisement. And More. if you have more quest about How to Write an Article on Blog, then check out the FAQ answers and for more clarification feel free to comment below. 


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Q: What is the best Web hosting for beginners to start a blog?

A: Hostinger is the best web hosting so far in India. It is available at a very low and affordable price. 


Q: How to migrate a blogger website to a WordPress site?

A: It is not so complicated task. Follow the below steps. 

  • Buy the best web hosting 
  • Remove customer domain from blogger 
  • Export data from blogger to your drive
  • Install WordPress to the domain
  • Install blogger importer plugin
  • Import the data from the drive which you have exported from blogger.


Q: What content should I write on my blog?

A: If you are a beginner then it is better to start a multi-niche blog, so you can find the content from trending topics and news. 


Q: How do I start writing a blog?

A: You can start a blog in a blogger or in a WordPress. Blogger is a free platform to create a blog powered by Google itself. But WordPress is paid platform, where you can customize your site as you wish. 


Q: How do you write blog content quickly?

A: To write a quick article you can use free article writing AI tools or you can rewrite the available article using rewriting tools such as spitbot, rewrite, duplicacheck, etc. 


Q: Is content writing easy?

A: No, Content writing is not an easy task. To write genuine and own content, you must do keyword research, content requirements, readers requirements, and much more.


Q: How do I start a blog with no money?

A: You can start a free blog on


Q: What makes a blog successful?

A: Your research towards the best quality content, consistency, and SEO makes a blog successful. 


Q: How do bloggers get paid?

A: Bloggers can be paid through Google Adsense by advertisers and Bloggers can also monetize their blog with other many ways such as affiliate marketing, guest posting, sponsored posting, and third-party advertisement. 


Q: Can blogging be a full-time job?

A: Yes, Blogging can be taken as a full-time job. Because Blogging holds a lot of potentials. It is a New digital revolution for job seekers. 



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