Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert event on iHeartLand?

Charlie Puth in Fortnite Live Concert event on iHeartLand?

Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert: Fortnite is one of the greatest games with regard to mainstream society and furnishes brands with a better approach to flaunting in the digital world. IHeartRadio has taken a major jump in having a go at a genuinely new thing on Fortnite. At 6 pm CT this evening, players will actually want to tune into the Charlie Puth occasion on iHeartLand, iHeartRadio’s new melodic island inside Fortnite Imaginative. Here is all the data you want to be familiar with the iHeartLand Charlie Puth event and how to watch it in Fortnite.

Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert

What is the Island Code for Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert?

Charlie Puth will be facilitated in some structure on the iHeartLand stage, situated at Island Code: 6144-7573-9391. The occasion should start off at 6 pm CT this evening, Sept. 9, and will probably see Puth acting in some limit on the monster screen behind the stage in the focal point of the guide. Every one of the different screens as of now includes a one-on-one meeting with Puth.


You can watch the Charlie Puth Fortnite Show inside Fortnite. You should go to the exceptionally made iHeartLand island in Fortnite by utilizing a code. The code to get to the island is 6144-7573-9391. Go to the Fortnite Fundamental Menu, find the Island Code passage segment, and information on the unique code. This will take you to the show island.


How to Watch Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert?

Charlie Puth affirmed he will act in Fortnite in a tweet recently, saying that it will be a live execution. Every one of the screens across the guide includes Puth, obviously moving toward something significant this evening. While they stand by, players can take on the various little games around the guide like Variety Switch.


This will be one of the primary shows in Fortnite that isn’t really facilitated by Epic Games, so it will be fascinating to perceive how players feel about it. In the event that it’s a triumph, it could highlight iHeartRadio facilitating more craftsmen inside Fortnite.


When is the Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert?

IHeartRadio, the radio music aggregate, is facilitating the show in Fortnite for Charlie Puth. iHeartRadio has decided to have the Charlie Puth Fortnite Show on September 9, 2022. It will run exclusively during the current day at night, and there’s been no declaration of any further dates for Charlie Puth to act in Fortnite.


What time does Charlie Puth Fortnite Live Concert?

Like a ton of concerts, this one will occur around the evening time. The Charlie Puth Fortnite show will begin at 7 pm ET on Sep. 9, 2022. Since numerous Fortnite fans are found universally, we’ve added an extra setting to how that start time affects you. Here is the time the show will be founded on maybe one or two areas:

4 pm PT

12 am BST (Sep 10)

9 am AEST (Sep 10)


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