George Wayne claimed that Johnny Depp introduced him to Kate Moss

George Wayne claimed that Johnny Depp introduced him to Kate Moss.

Johnny Depp Girl Friend: On Tuesday, former Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne claimed that Jonny Depp was the man who introduced him to former girlfriend Kate Moss.


“I’m the one who introduced Kate and Johnny,” Wayne, 70, wrote in an Instagram post before Mass took a stand Wednesday to testify on Depp’s behalf. Johnny Depp Girl Friend

Johnny Depp Girl Friend

Wayne claims she “took her hand and immediately took her to Johnny’s table” in 1994 when he walked into the then-hot spot Cafe Tabak in the East Village.


‘Johnny it’s Kate – Kate meets Johnny.’ I did not expect them to trash 5-star hotel rooms around the world, “he” quotes a famous event. Johnny Depp Girl Friend


Wayne also spoke of his visit to Page Six, “I remember it like you! We stayed there every night. Cafe Tabac was like our high school cafeteria. 


According to Wayne, Moss, 48, arrived with supermodel bestie Naomi Campbell when 58-year-old Depp was dining there for the first time.


“I chatted with him and after about an hour, [Moss and Campbell] walked up the stairs,” he recalled.


“The minute I saw her, I grabbed her hand and marched her to where Johnny was sitting … the rest is history. They didn’t leave each other for four years.


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