Orion Stars Download APK For Android and iPhone

About Orion Stars

Orion Stars Download APK: Orion Stars is an online gambling platform that allows you to play online gambling games such as sweepstakes slots, fish, reels, and more. Built to give you suspenseful effects, available on any device, and using a reliable and complex number generator, the app will attract plenty of gamblers.

Key features Of Orion Stars Games

Orion stars online app has many features that make it worth your time and money. One such feature is that it gives two free spins to all registered users of the app within an hour after registration.


Most importantly, game enthusiasts are advised to engage their abilities and effectively become aware of the tips that can help them win card games easily. Because they are ineffective in winning the game. Then, their spending decision on credit issues will soon be eliminated, perhaps forever.


  • Random Number Generator Algorithm: The Orion Stars games depend on a complex and modern RNGA (Random Number Generator Algorithm), it allows fair number generation at every moment. 


  • Reliable: You can download the app on a variety of platforms and log in with your account credentials to play seamlessly anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.


  • Suspense: The game is designed to be suspenseful and exciting with effects such as stopping points, bombs, lasers, crazy bonuses, free spins, and more.


  • Bunch of Games: Through the Orion Stars platform you get access to over 20 different games, each with its own game and layout. Games are organized in specific categories such as Sweepstakes, Slots, Reels games, which include Sirius Stars, Gemstone Galore, Holiday Party; Fish games that include the Golden Dragon, Kirin Strike or Tiger Strike; And others like Super Keno, and Doomsday. There are many more games available.


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Is Orion Stars App Safe to Use?

Yes, Orion Stars is safe to use. As of now, there is no issue has been reported about Orion Stars games, and also no data breach was identified. Before Installing the apk we recommend please go through the proper and official apk link and their privacy policy


How to install the Orion Stars on Android Phone?

As it is in APK format, you need to authorize this app in your phone setting before installing it. Once you download the apk from our blog, usually it will ask to grant permission to install the app. If not you can go to your mobile setting and in the app permissions setting allow the apk apps.



Download Orion Stars Games

Orion Stars is available in APK format. It supports Android 5 and over versions. Its file size is 43.38 MB. It is completely free to use. Whereas some other gambling games may take some charges to upgrade the games. 

Download Orion Stars for Android (APK)(43.38Mb)

Orion Stars Download APK

Also, You can download Orian Stars Games from the Google Play store and App Store. Check the download links below to download the game.

Download in Google Play Store – Orion Stars Fish Game



We have shared all the information in the article, and know that you can download “Orion Stars APK” on your smartphone. Download it and get the benefits from it. If you are looking for more similar apps you can visit our official website.



Q: Who is the Developer of Orion Stars?

A: The developer of the Orion Stars app is JFGAME. 


Q: Which Orion Stars version is available?

A: The available version of the Orion stars is v1.0


Q: How to get free money on Orion stars?

A: Using a referral bonus is the best way to get free money on Orion Stars


Q: Who runs Orion stars?

A: The founder of the Orion Stars games is Mark Young, based in West Hollywood, California, US.


Q: Who is the owner of Orion Stars Casino?

A: Mark Young



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