How to Book OLA Electric Scooter online | Book Your favorite Ola Scooter now

Simple Steps to book your OLA Electric Scooter Online.  


OLA has launched its first electric scooter to the market. They have introduced two variants of scooters. The first one is the OLA S1 Electric scooter and the second one is OLA S1 Pro Electric Scooter with various colors. Its features are very unique from other brand electric scooters.  In this article, we will learn how to book OLA Electric scooter online.

The cab facility providing company OLA has taken a revolutionary step in the automobile industry by launching a high-end technology-based electric scooter to the Indian market. The manufacturing factory will be built in Tamilnadu. This factory will become India’s biggest factory. Delhi international airport and Mumbai international airport can be fit in this single factory space.

How to Book OLA Electric Scooter online

After launching, OLA Electric Scooter already gained huge demand on the market. More than lakhs of customers have already done pre-booking online. You can also reserve your favorite electric scooter now online with simple steps.

Because of its unique features, most people wanted to buy it now itself. For that, you just need to go to OLA Electric Scooter’s official website and reserve your scooter. You can just pre-book your scooter, cannot buy it now. Because the purchase will start from September and deliver will start from October.  Let’s see how to book OLA Electric scooter online. By paying just 499Rs, you can reserve your favorite OLA S1 Electric scooter.


How to book OLA Electric scooter online? Step by Step Information.

  1. Open OLA ELECTRIC Official website.
  2. Click On Reserve For Rs499.
  3. Choose your Model and Color.
  4. After Choosing the Model Click on Reserve Now for Rs499.
  5. Enter your OLA Registered Mobile Number.
  6. Enter OTP Which is sent to your mobile number.
  7. After entering OTP, Fill your name and email id to create an account on it.
  8. Once enter the basic detail, the site will redirect to the main page.
  9. Now Click again on Reserve Now for Rs499.
  10. Do payment of Rs499 via UPI, Netbanking, or Debit/Credit card for the reservation.
  11. Download the payment receipt after the payment is successful.
  12. Congratulation Now your scooter will be reserved. 


OLA Electric Scooter Official Website – OLA ELECTRIC SCOOTER



What will be the price of an Ola electric scooter?

Ans: Price will start from 85,099 Rs to 1,29,999 Rs according to the scooter version.  


Can we buy an Ola Electric scooter?

Ans: Of course, anybody can buy ola electric scooter online. For pre-book, you need to pay Rs499. From September you can purchase it online from their official website.


Does Ola Electric Scooter have a removable battery?

Ans: No, Ola has a fixed battery in it. According to Bhavish Aggarwal, a fixed battery carried out less weight for a scooter. And it reduces the production cost. 


Is Ather 450 X is a removable battery?

Ans: No it is a non-removable battery. You cannot remove this battery.


How long should I charge my ola electric scooter?

Ans:  To complete charging, the battery will take 12 hours. If you are using a fast-charging facility then 50% of its charging time can be reduced.  Otherwise for the emergency case at least need to charge the battery for 8 hours. You can remove it from charging once got the green light on it, 


Is Ola Electric scooter worth buying?

Ans: Yes it is worth buying. You can look at the technology given in the scooter and the facility it provides. Moreover, it is a chargeable electric scooter. No need to use petrol to run. As you know petrol rate is reaching to sky these days. Petrol based vehicle has more than 2000 moving to parts to support petrol engine. whereas this ola electric scooter has 20 to 30 moving parts to support the engine. SO it reduces the maintenance cost almost to zero. 


Do I need to charge Ola electric scooter Battery every day?

Ans; No, do not need to charge it every day. You can charge it a minimum of once a month.


It is necessary to charge a battery every time?

Ans: Once a month you need to charge your battery. If not the battery will lose its living capacity. 


Does OLA Electric scooter have the kick start?

Ans: Yes the scooter has a kicker to start. As it is an electric scooter rider can start the scooter using a kick and move forward to start.


What are the color ola electric scooter has? 

Ans: OLA S1 Scooter comes in five different colors. OLA S1 Pro edition comes in 10 different colors. 


What is the EMI starts from?

Ans: EMI Starts from Rs 2999 only. It applies to any banks.




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