Lisa Marie Presley is No More, Lisa Marie Presley Biography

Lisa Marie Presley is No More, Lisa Marie Presley Biography

Lisa Marie Presley biography: Lisa Marie Presley Born in 1968 at the height of Elvis’ fame, Lisa Marie Presley grew up squarely in the limelight as the daughter of the man hailed as the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Lisa Marie Presley

Priscilla Presley and Elvis separated in 1972 when their daughter was 4 years old, and Lisa Marie Presley’s father died in 1977 when she was only 9 years old.


Then she began acting and experimenting with drugs, prompting her mother to send her to a series of private schools, including a boarding school in Ojai, California.


Lisa Marie Presley then launched her career in 2003 with her debut studio album “To Whom It May Concern”, which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 album chart. She wrote almost all the lyrics and co-wrote all the melodies on the album.


In parallel with her musical activities, Lisa Marie Presley was married four times. She married first to musician Danny Keef, then to singer Michael Jackson, who left Nicolas Cage.

Married to and later living with Michael Lockwood. Lisa Marie Presley had four children. They are Riley Keough, Benjamin Keough, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood.


In 2020, Lisa Marie Presley’s son Benjamin Keefe committed suicide at the age of 27. Last July, she marked the two-year anniversary of Benjamin Keefe’s death on Instagram, sharing a photo of her son’s matching ankle tattoos.


Lisa Marie Presley Biography

Lisa Marie Presley Biography


Full Name: Lisa Marie Presley


Nicknames: LMP, LMFP, The Princess of Rock ‘n’ Roll


Famous For: American singer-songwriter


Date of Birth: 1968 Feb 1


Date of Death: 2023 Jan 13


Age: 54


Father name: Elvis Presley


Mother Name: Priscilla Presley


Married: Yes


Husband(s): Danny Keough(​1988 – 1994), Michael Jackson​(1994 – 1996), Nicolas Cage​(2002 –  2004), Michael Lockwood​(2006 – 2021)


Children: Harper Lockwood, Finley Lockwood, Riley Keough, Benjamin Keough, Weston Cage 


Home town: Memphis, Tennessee


Occupation: Singer, Song Writer


First Album: To Whom It May Concern in 2003


Lisa Marie Presley Albums:   To Whom It May Concern, Now What, Storm & Grace.


Awards and Recognitions: Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam honored on June 24, 2011


Networth: $16 million.


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Q: How old was Lisa Marie Presley when Elvis died?

A: 4 Years old girl


Q: What was the cause of the death of Lisa Marie?

A: Lisa Marie Presley died due to Cardiac Arrest


Q: Did Lisa Marie Presley marry Michael Jackson?

A: Yes, Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson in 1994 after divorcing Danny Keough.


Q: What is the age of Lisa Marie Presley?

A: 54


Q: Why was Lisa Marie Presley famous for?

A: Lisa Marie Presley is famous for her three albums such as To Whom It May Concern, Now What, Storm & Grace.




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