Nvidia New Products: Nvidia starts new products for Robotics Developers

Nvidia starts new products for Robotics Developers

Nvidia New Products: Amidst festivities at its fall 2022 GTC conference, Nvidia took on new robotics-related hardware and services aimed at companies that develop and test machines across industries such as manufacturing. Nvidia’s robotics simulation platform IsaacSim will soon be available in the cloud, the company said. And Nvidia’s system-on-modules lineup is expanding with the Jetson Orion Nano, a system designed for low-powered robots and a new platform called IGX. Nvidia New Products robotic developers. 

Nvidia New Products
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The IsaacSim, which launched in an open beta version last June, allows designers to simulate robots interacting with real-world mockups (think digital re-creations of warehouses and factory floors). Users can create datasets from simulated sensors to train models on real-world robots, leveraging synthetic data from batches of parallel, unique simulations to improve model performance.


Companies trying to implement AI

It’s not just marketing bluster, necessarily. Some research suggests that synthetic data has the potential to solve many of the development challenges plaguing companies trying to implement AI. MIT researchers recently found a way to classify images using synthetic data, and every major autonomous vehicle company uses simulation data to supplement real-world data collected from cars on the road.


The upcoming release of Isaac Sim, available on AWS RoboMaker and Nvidia NGC, will deploy to any public cloud and will soon include the company’s real-time fleet task deployment and routing on Nvidia’s Omniverse Cloud platform, Nvidia says. A planning engine, Nvidia QOpt, to optimize robot path planning. Nvidia New Products. 


With Isaac SIM in the cloud … teams can be located around the globe while sharing a virtual world to simulate and train robots, Nvidia senior product marketing manager Gerard Andrews wrote in a blog post. Running IsaacSIM in the cloud means developers are no longer tied to a powerful workstation to run simulations. Any device should be able to set up, manage and check the results of simulations.


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Q: What are the new products introduced by Nvidia for Robotic Developers?

A:  IsaacSIM


Q: In which platform IsaacSIM available?


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