World Father’s Day: Evanston celebrates World Father’s Day and Juneteenth this weekend

World Father’s Day: Evanston celebrates World Father’s Day and Juneteenth this weekend

World Father’s Day: The Roundtable Led by out to local businesses and restaurants across the Main-Dempster Mile this weekend as they prepared for the holidays and asked them what Father’s Day meant.

World Father's Day

As always, World Father’s Day falls in the middle of Pride Month, and this year, it happens to share the day with Junetein, a newly minted federal holiday that is often invisible in our history, marking the end of slavery in the United States.


With all of these situations clashing this year, many Evanston residents said they are excited to celebrate Father’s Day with an intersectional lens this weekend with their fellow black and LGBTQ + neighbors.


Booked General Manager Eli Cooper-Nelson told the Roundtable that the children and youth bookstore on Main Street, he and his team at the store, want to offer literary options covering all three events this weekend: Juneteenth, Father’s Day, and Pride Month. World Father’s Day.


“Father’s Day, in some ways, can be a bit complicated as a queer and trans person. That relationship was not always spectacular, “said Cooper-Nelson.” And then, I live a little away from my father-in-law and about a mile away from my father, so for our family, we also wrap up, which is the nature of the locals.


For many, Father’s Day is a re-enactment of memories instead of a person. Lily Parsons and her daughter, Felisha Parsons, have been living here for more than 50 years. Lilly’s husband and Felisha’s father were veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars, so every year Father’s Day means a chance to honor their lives, their heritage, and their service to the country.


For Felisha, it is natural to add Junetean’s holiday to the mix. “To me, it’s just a happy occasion,” he said. “It’s about family, remembering our loved ones, remembering our heritage, and being proud of who we are and what we have contributed to this country.”


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