Watch Top Gun 2 denier eat a shoe in fealty to Tom Cruise

Watch Top Gun 2 denier eat a shoe in fealty to Tom Cruise

Watch Top Gun 2: In 2010, then-culture-journalist Matt Patches wrote a mild tweet: “If Top Gun 2 happens, I’ll eat a shoe.” In retrospect, he should consider that the dumb things being said on the Internet will haunt you forever. The tweet gained traction, and friends, friends, followers, and campaigners from Paramount spent the last decade and a half turning this dash of social-media snark into a binding deal.

For a while, the tummy of the patches appeared to be forgiving. Development delays, the tragic death of director Tony Scott, and the rise of superhero films, as well as the public perception of Cruise’s upsurge, have suggested that Top Gun 2 (Watch Top Gun 2) to be indefinitely grounded. When production finally began, Paramount slotted the film for the summer release of 2019, bolstering the premiere for 2020, and allowing for additional filming. Then came the epidemic.


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Twelve years after it debuted, Against All Odds, Top Gun: Maverick is playing in theaters around the world. And Patches are eating shoes on YouTube.


Patches traveled by themselves during this decade and changed. He worked across the media industry at outlets such as, Esquire, and Thrillist, before arriving at the greatest entertainment publication on the planet: Polygon. Today, she serves as our deputy entertainment editor, preventing other writers and editors from agreeing to eat clothes in exchange for tentpole releases. Patches are married and have two children, which is why they can’t eat any normal shoes.


In the words of his wife: “No. Fuck off. You don’t eat a shoe. You can’t die now. “As a person who depends on patches on a daily basis, I have to admit. And Patches found a way to make and eat a shoe that is still usable. Bless him.


Most people won’t be able to enjoy Tom Cruise’s latest cinematic death wish until this weekend, so I recommend the Patches shoe video as an appetizer, something to really boost your appetite.

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