Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked in his performance in LA

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked in his performance in LA

Dave Chappelle was attacked: Dave Chappell was unharmed after an audience member physically attacked a comedian in the middle of his performance in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Security guards chased the attacker until he left the stage at the Hollywood Bowl. The attacker was later taken to a stretcher and sustained injuries to his arm and face.

The comedian seemed to lose his restraint for a moment and then joked: “That’s a trans man,” calling back to the earlier talk on his set, suggesting that he was assaulted by a sexist and that the former was criticized as transphobic.

Dave Chappelle was attacked

At one point, the chapel disappeared to locate the attacker. When he returned, “I’ve been doing this for 35 years. I [the n-word] stepped backstage – always wanted to do it,” he said, appearing to refer to his attacker.

In October, Chappell faced controversy in his 2021 Netflix special The Closer. In the special, Chappell jokes about trans women and their genitals, and J.K. Rolling against critics who say she is transphobic.

The altercation follows another high-profile attack by actor Will Smith, who slammed comedian Chris Rock for his rock jokes about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, at the Oscars in March.

On his set, which was part of the Netflix Is a Joke Festival, Chappell discussed the “slap heard around the world” and said that both Smith and Rock’s actions resonated with him.

Rock, who had a brief set before the show, came back on stage and asked, “Is that Will Smith?” That was funny.

Following the investigation, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned Smith from all its events, virtually or personally, for 10 years.

Chappell moved on by introducing the closing set – a rap duo known as Black Star, featuring Yasin Bey and Talib Kweli, who were joined by DJ Mudlib.


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