Issemen David Etutt: Former Virginia Tech football player accused of killing a man he met on an online dating app, pleaded not guilty 

Former Virginia Tech football player accused of killing a man he met on an online dating app, pleaded not guilty 

Issemen David Etutt: A former Virginia Tech footballer is accused of fatally assaulting a man he met on an online dating app, initially believed to be a woman, and pleaded not guilty Thursday to a second-degree murder charge, officials said.


The Roanoke Times reports that former linebacker Issemen David Etutt was held before the trial, which begins May 25 in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Issemen David Etutt

Issemen David Etutt is convicted in the death of Jerry Smith, 40, in May 2021. Etut said he visited Smith’s apartment in April after matching up with a man named “Angie” on Tinder, and returned to determine if his match was male on May 31. Or so the woman, lawyers, and witnesses said in previous hearings.


According to court documents, detectives testified that Issemen David Etutt held Smith before repeatedly punching the victim and using his phone’s battery to get a good look at the dark apartment.


The medical examiner’s office has revealed that Smith died of blunt force trauma to the head. Etute was released last June for $ 75,000 and is under house arrest and electronic supervision while living with his family in Virginia Beach. He was suspended by the university and the football team during the investigation.


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