Danny Elfman Biography | American Singer, composer Danny Elfman Full Details

Danny Elfman Biography, Wiki, Facts, Personal Life, Career, Details

Danny Elfman Biography: In this article, we will look at Danny Elfman’s biographical details, where the people were searching on google simultaneously. I hope Danny Elfman Biography article will not disappoint you in case you are really searching for Danny Elfman’s details.

Danny Elfman Biography

Who is Danny Elfman?

Danny Elfman is a singer, actor, composer, and songwriter.  Danny came to the mainframe in the early 1980s as a singer-songwriter for the new wave band Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman has earned international recognition for composing over 100 film scores, as well as for compositions for television, stage productions, and concert halls.


Let’s describe Danny Elfman Biography in a short and simple way. So that we can understand who is Danny Elfman exactly?


Danny Elfman’s full name is Daniel Robert Elfman

Danny Elfman was born on 1953 May 29 in Amarillo, Texas United States.

Danny Elfman’s age as of 2022 is 72

Danny Elfman is famous for Film scoring pop new wave contemporary classical music

Danny Elfman’s occupation is songwriting, composing, singing, and record producer. Also, he is an actor in many Hollywood movies.

Danny Elfman is a good instrumental player. He is an expert in Vocals, Piano, keyboard, Guitar, Trombone, Drums, and Violin.

Danny Elfman has done scoring for both series of Spider-man parts one and two.


Is Jenna Elfman related to Danny Elfman?

Yes, Jenna Elfman is a nephew of composer Danny Elfman. He is the son of actor and director Richard Elfman and Rhonda Joy Saboff. And a famous author Blossom Elfman is the grandfather of Jenna Elfman. 


Is Danny Elfman still married to Bridget Fonda?

An American Composer Danny Elfman married Bridget Fonda in 2003. Danny Elfman is a singer and songwriter.  Danny came to the mainframe in the early 1980s as a singer-songwriter for the new wave band Oingo Boingo. 


Bridget Fonda was a veteran actress and a singer and was active till 2002. Later she married musical composer Danny Elfman. Bridget made her acting debut at the age of five. 


Why didn’t Danny Elfman score spider man 3?

Danny Elfman has not continued to do scoring for the third part of the Spider-Man series due to some difficulties with the director Sam Raimi. Danny Elfman said he had a “miserable experience” working with Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 2 and was unable to fit his music comfortably.


How old is Danny Elfman?

A well-known American composer, lyricist, and singer Danny Elfman was born in 1953, May 29. Danny turned 72 as of 2022. 


Danny Elfman net worth?

Danny Elfman is an American music composer, scorer, lyrics writer, singer, and actor who has four Oscar nominations, two Emmy Awards, six Saturn Awards, and a grammy award. Danny Elfman has a net worth of $50 million. 


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