Wendy Rieger Dies Due to Cancer | What Rieger wrote a note to his work family a few months ago?

A Famous NBC4 Anchor Wendy Rieger Dies Due to Cancer

Wendy Rieger dies: Wendy Rieger was born in Norfolk, studied at American University, and then started as an actress at Tidewater. He turned to a career in radio and, in 1988, began working at NBC4, then on CNN. Last December, he retired after 33 years on NBC4. On Monday she was 66 years old.

 Wendy Rieger

Wendy Rieger, who worked as a news anchor and reporter for a long time at NBC4, died Saturday after fighting glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. Wendy Rieger had undergone open-heart surgery in 2020 before being diagnosed with a brain tumor. wendy rieger dies


Rieger wrote a note to his work family a few months ago on NBC4: “As you know, I have lived my life big and loud. It is my nature and I have had an explosion. But a deep and powerful stillness has come upon me. I did not know I could be silent Life is not always a test. It is teaching. I must learn this lesson with grace.


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Q: How Wendy Rieger died?

A: Wendy Rieger a famous anchor died due to cancer


Q: What type of cancer did Wendy Rieger have been diagnosed?

A: glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer


Q: in Which channel Wendy Rieger was working as an anchor?



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