Netflix Games to Offer ‘Hades’, ‘Braid’ and ‘Death’s Door’

Netflix continues to expand its video game service offered with its subscription. More than 80 games already available, and while waiting for one assassin’s creed again, add the platform Ade And Door of Death.

You may not know, but every month, with your Netflix subscription, you have access to a large number of mobile games. And some have already shone on consoles or PC. A development asset that must also allow its users to stay on its platform.

Netflix wants more than ever to establish themselves in the video game scene and continues to give them the means to do so. The video streaming platform launched Netflix Games at the end of 2021, a space on the home page of its mobile application that offers more than 80 titles accessible for free, without advertising and without in-app purchases on smartphone or tablet.


Among all these, we also find titles inspired by in-house series (Stranger Things, Vikings: Valhalla, La Casa de Papel, etc.) exclusive only (Unknown Soldiers: Brothers in Arms And two more Ubisoft games coming up) and especially critically acclaimed independent titles: Spiritfarer, Terra Nile, Immortality, Dead cellsKentucky Route Zero, 12 Minutes, Storyteller and many others.

The on-demand service has never hidden its ambitions and has even offered three studios to create games for it. But it does not retain the exclusivity of games designed by Night School Studio, Boss Fight or Next Games. Oxenfree II: : Lost signals it is therefore available everywhere.

Indie games, the reservoir of Netflix

And Netflix continues to expand its catalog. During its Geeked Week event last week, the Los Gatos company announced the arrival of two renowned games: Hail, Braids, And Door of Death. They will be available in mobile version on the application from next year.

Door of Death makes you play a raven that must accompany the soul of the dead and protect it from the monsters that block its path. Highlight game of 2020, Ade encourages players to try to escape alive from the Underworld, supported by various deities. An immersion in reimagined Greek mythology. Hades II it has already been announced on consoles, but Netflix has not indicated whether it will follow the steps of its predecessor on the application.

Discovered in 2008 on Xbox 360, Braid anniversary edition comes to celebrate his 15th birthday on the phone with the same recipe: you are Tim, able to play with time to solve puzzles and save a kidnapped princess.

Boosting its offer of mobile video games by relying on the works of independent studios, Netflix is ​​also justified partly the increase in prices. And this soon no longer stops only at smartphones and tablets. Netflix Games will soon also be available on televisions. The service is testing a version where the smartphone will become the potential controller. While waiting for the arrival of a possible also GTA exclusive mobile game.

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