Destro, Rony and Adi react before Judgment Day

If there was one esports tournament in India that is taking the country by storm, it is none other than the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023. This 3-day event consists of 16 teams competing for the bragging rights and a share of the huge prize of Rs 1 crore (about $120,000). The tournament took place at the EKA Arena, Ahmedabad.

We are in the arena covering the event. In this article, we will take a look at what some of the top singers have to say before it BMP judgment day.


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Pro players react to BMPS Day 3

The first day of the BMPS 2023 ended with Team Entity coming out on top with a comfortable lead of 20 points. The Entity, however, was unable to maintain that momentum on Day 2 and slipped through the next 6 games.

Blind Esports, one of the favorites to take home the trophy, started day 2 with a chicken dinner on Map 1. The last two on this map were Blind Esports and Soul Esports who needed a first place . Much to the disappointment of Soul fans, this match went to Blind Esports. Blind finished the day with 2 Chicken Dinners in total and being on the table with 176 points.

Blind Esports’ Rony said the team’s strategies were working.

“We had a clear goal to focus on our base and ideas that we wanted to execute today. With the strategies that were taught to us by our coach and analyst, we can follow them with ease against our opponents. Currently, I don’t think not on day 3, but the minute we sit in front of the audience, all we want to do is our best.” Rony from Blind Esports he told

The team in second place is currently Gladiator Esports. During the BGIS in Mumbai, they won the tournament on the penultimate map with quite an exhilarating performance. Currently, they are in 2nd position with 152 points on the table. During days 1 and 2, they had a consistent run of form winning a map each day.

Destro, the IGL for Gladiator Esports, called the team’s performance on Day 2 the best in their history.

“Honestly speaking with you, since this team was formed, this was our best performance in a LAN Environment for a given day. The reason is mainly because as a team, our coordination was on point, every callout that we had today was also quite accurate and all my teammates during each game stood out individually”. Right of Gladiator Esports he said.

Finally, we come to Team Insane who had an incredible day 2 of the BMPS. They were on a bit of a run of form winning 2 Chicken Dinners in back-to-back maps. Currently, they are in third position with 125 points.

BMPS Day 2 Overall Ranking

The overall standings after Day 2 of the 2023 BMPS (Image Credit: Krafton)

Team Insane’s Adi thought the team dropped a bit on Day 2, but was looking to do better on the final day.

“We feel that we did well as we climbed a few places from day 1. From the 6 games we played today, we know that 2 of them were good, but unfortunately the other 4 were not top notch . We can do better tomorrow by taking the lessons we learned from today’s games and finally leave this tournament on a high note.” he said Goodbye Team Insane.

Fans can catch all the action of the Final day on the Krafton India Esports YouTube Channel.

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