Haldwani Encroachment case: Why Railways and 4000 families are at war, Reason behind the Haldwani controversy

Why Railways and 4000 families are at war, Reason behind the Haldwani controversy


Haldwani encroachment case: In Haldwani, Uttarakhand, there is a battle over the question of who owns the railway land. This is a war between the railroads and the people who claim to have lived here for decades. Some even claim to have lived here for over 100 years.

Haldwani encroachment case

Hailing from the state of Uttarakhand, Haldwani has formed almost 100 years ago in 1950. Most of the land allocated to the railways has been encroached upon by people in recent decades and politicians have not taken any initiative. Clear this land for the vote bank. Recently, a controversy has erupted in Haldwani due to the High Court order.


The Haldwani area where the railway land is said to have been invaded is a railway line area about 2200 meters long. There is an 800-foot wide encroachment around this 2200-meter-long railway line.


Today there are three public schools, 11 private schools, 10 mosques, 12 madrasahs, and a government health center in the area. Not only this, more than 4,000 families currently live in this area and own land.


All these colonies are in the process of being removed by the administration by order of the Nainital High Court. The invasion of railway land must be cleared. Now that there is a court order and the land belongs to the railways on paper, the authorities allow the bulldozers to operate on the invasion.


The dispute over the usurpation of this railway land has a long history. The dispute over the invasion started due to illegal mining in the nearby river. In this petition, it has been stated that illegal mining is taking place in the Goula river near the railway station.


It has been pointed out in the petition that people involved in illegal mining have invaded railway lands. After the issue of the railway lands arose, the court also requested the railway’s response. Railways have proven that the land belongs to them by showing a 1959 notice, a 1971 revenue record, and a 2017 land survey.


When it was proven in the High Court that the land belonged to the Railways, the order was given to vacate the land. The people who live here had not taken part in the case until then. People had approached the Supreme Court against the land eviction order. However, after a lengthy hearing, the Nainital High Court accepted the encroachment on the railway land on the basis of the evidence. Now the administration is trying to evict this land.


When the trespassing work began on the railway grounds, the people who had lived here for years were concerned. Around 60,000 people live in the invaded area of Haldwani. These people are angry because they have settled here for many decades. He was never asked to move or received any kind of notice. Some have essential documents such as house tax deeds, electricity bills, and ration cards. Haldwani encroachment case.


In such a case, they need to know that the land they live on is not theirs. The people who live here claim to have lived here for decades. They voted to form various state and central governments. They’re asking questions about why you’re removing him from here. These people are not willing to move.


This whole area has all kinds of small and large mud houses and hundreds of slums. Haldwani encroachment case. The administration plans to clear a total of 4,365 encroachments, which must be demolished. But due to the opposition of the people, this work has not been completed for now.


Source: DNA India


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