Edital Banco do Brasil 2023, Notification, Question Paper 

Edital Banco do Brasil 2023, Notification, Question Paper 

Edital Banco do Brasil 2023: Banco do Brasil has published a public notice of competition and offers vacancies for the position of clerk requiring a high school degree. Post salaries also increased. Check out the selection details below and don’t waste time! Edital Banco do brasil 2023.


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Edital Banco do Brasil 2023

Bank of Brazil Competition: How to Apply?

Therefore, those interested in a new tender for Banco do Brasil(Edital Banco do Brasil 2023) should pay attention to the deadline and not waste time.


Registration, now open and through the website of the organizing bank, Cesgranrio, will last until February 24, 2023.


Additionally, to confirm registration, the candidate must pay a fee of $2.93 until February 24.


Those who meet the public notice requirements may request an exemption from registration fees between December 23, 2022 and January 3, 2023.


Check out the full call for proposals by clicking here!


Bank of Brazil Tender: Vacancies, Position, and Remuneration

Therefore, the tender notification for Banco do Brasil is offering a total of 6,000 vacancies for Clerk in the specialties of Technology Agent and Commercial Agent.


In total, then, there are 4,000 immediate vacancies and 2,000 to form the reserved register, which can be used throughout the validity of the selection.


Additionally, it is important to highlight that enrollment in the career requires an average level of education. The working day is 30 hours per week!


It is worth mentioning that recently, initial earnings have been reset. Therefore, the basic salary of clerks increased from $176.93 to $212.05.


Additionally, benefits are also subject to readjustment. For example, the food/meal allowance increased from $48.65 to $59.39. The food basket increased from $38.34 to $46.80.


In this way, the final opening profit from $263.93 before is now $318.23, an increase of $54.30.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, those employed by the bank also have several others. 


Work assignments

  • Providing guidance to customers on products and services offered by BB Conglomerate;
  • Execution of analysis and verification of documents including signatures while having a graphoscopy course;
  • preparation of correspondence;
  • preparation and processing of documents;
  • Updating documents;
  • Protection and confidentiality of information of interest to BB Conglomerate;
  • promptness and courtesy in customer service;
  • management and organization of files in its custody;
  • Execution of financial applications for customers according to established standards;
  • Collection and manipulation of registration information and statistical information;
  • operation of office equipment, user service and customer;
  • quality of the information provided;
  • the quality and timeliness of services under its management; And
  • To fulfill the objectives defined for its unit and to safeguard the interests of BB Conglomerate, adopting other necessary measures in matters related to its field of operation. Edital Banco do Brasil 2023. 


Banco do Brasil Competition Stages and Exams

Thus, candidates enrolled in the Banco do Brasil competition are evaluated through four evaluation stages. 


Objective Examination: Elimination and Classification;

Writing Test: Elimination;

Verification of the authenticity of self-declarations provided by black or brown candidates: eliminationist in nature; And

Modes of Admission and Medical Expertise: Eliminatory.


Thus, the objective test will be of 5 hours duration and will be applied on April 23, 2023.


Additionally, it will have a total of 70 multiple-choice questions, out of which 25 are basic knowledge and 45 are specific. See the breakdown:


Basic knowledge

  • Portuguese Language: 10 questions worth 1.5 marks each, subtotal 15.0 marks;
  • English Language: 5 questions worth 1.0 marks each, subtotal 5.0 marks;
  • Mathematics: 5 questions worth 1.5 marks each, subtotal 7.5 marks; And
  • Financial Market Updates: 5 questions worth 1.0 point each, subtotal of 5.0 points.


Specific knowledge

  • Probability and Statistics: 5 questions worth 1.5 marks each, subtotal 7.5 marks;
  • Banking Knowledge: 5 questions worth 1.5 marks each, total 7.5 marks; And
  • Information Technology: 35 questions worth 1.5 marks each, total 52.5 marks.
  • It carries a value of 100.0 marks and each question has five alternatives (A, B, C, D and E) and only one correct answer.



Subsequently, the essay needs to be composed in the form of an argumentative essay type of prose text.


Additionally, it will be worth 100.0 points. Therefore, those who scored less than 70.0 marks will be eliminated. Check the evaluation criteria:

  • Adequacy to the proposed content;
  • Adequacy for the type of text requested;
  • appropriate use of cohesion mechanisms (reference, sequence, and demarcation of text passages);
  • Ability to select, organize and coherently relate arguments related to a proposed topic;
  • Complete mastery of standard written form (vocabulary adequacy, spelling, morphology, contracted syntax, regency, and placement).


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