Field of Dreams Game 2023 Key moments

Field of Dreams Game 2022 Key moments

Field of Dreams Game 2022 Key moments: The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds meet at a ballpark close to the shooting area of the notorious 1989 film “Divine location,” where Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) constructed a baseball field in his cornfields at the course of a secretive voice that told him, “Assuming that you fabricate it, they will come.”

Field of Dreams Game 2022 Key moments

Reds get on the board

The Reds will not go down simple. They cut the shortage down the middle thanks to a Matt Reynolds twofold that permitted Jake Fraley and Jose Barrero to score.


An unbelievable seventh-inning stretch

Fox brought amazing Cubs telecaster, Harry Caray, back to life – – kind of – – for the seventh-inning stretch. A 3D image looking like Caray drove the group in “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Fans had their cameras out for the second which came not long after sunset. Caray vanished into the night a while later. – – Jesse Rogers


Offspring add a run, yet all the same nothing more

Scratch Madrigal singled to focus field prompting a Nelson Velazquez race to give Chicago a 4-0 lead. Yet, Reds outfielder Aristides Aquino finished the inning with a performance twofold play, getting a flyball and afterward tossing a laser to third for the third out. Field of Dreams Game 2022 Key moments.


An incredible group

The Field of Dreams game is a sellout with a reported participation of 7,823. – – Jesse Rogers


Scoring early and frequently

The Cubs didn’t stand by lengthy to score the game’s most memorable runs. Beginning with Seiya Suzuki driving Patrick Wisdom home, they piled up three runs in the highest point of the first. Field of Dreams Game 2022 Key moments.


A dad & son moments

Prior to the main pitch, Reds greats Ken Griffey Sr. furthermore, Ken Griffey Jr. risen up out of the cornfields in right to “have a catch,” trailed by current Reds and Cubs. All strolled together to the infield where they were met by Hall of Famers and previous players from every crew. Whelps legend Ferguson Jenkins then, at that point, tossed out the primary pitch to previous Reds star Johnny Bench. – – Jesse Rogers


Taking everything in

Before the game, Cubs and Reds players partook in a visit through the ballpark. There is a pathway through the cornfields that prompts to the site where scenes from the 1989 games show were shot.


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