What is Agape? The word ‘agape’ has frustrated a number of Wordle players

The word ‘agape’ has frustrated a number of Wordle players

What is Agape:  The word ‘agape‘ is especially used to describe someone’s widely opened mouth when it is opened widely. When it is used in a sentence, you may pronounce, ‘Her mouth was agape after watching with over-excitement. The Cambridge dictionary describes the word as, (of a person) with the mouth wide open, especially showing shocking things or surprise; (of the mouth) wide open, especially in a surprising moment or shocking moment.”

What is Agape

Many players struggled to solve the agape word because they simply had not heard the agape word before. If you were really one of those players then don’t stress yourself,  because you are not alone.


If you’re struggling with this challenge and you’re hoping to improve, there are several Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks that can help you boost your scores. If you’re in the mood for a different kind of challenge there are several Wordley alternatives to try. What is Agape?

‘Agape’ is the word that curveball fans faced for Wordle Challenge 383 on July 7th. Angry fans complained that the word was so difficult to solve as it was an unfamiliar and not a commonly used word. Fans have complained that the term has ruined their hard work, as many have lost streaks and some are abandoning the game altogether.

Words like pinto, gawky, droll, and brink are all Wordle challenges that have stumped Wordley fans over the past few weeks. However, this latest challenge is so tricky that the word has now started trending on social media as fans struggled to solve it. What is Agape?


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