Why WhatsApp is Not Working? Facebook, Instagram is not Working ? Why ?

Why WhatsApp is Not Working? Facebook is not working?

Why WhatsApp is Not Working? Facebook is not working? And why is Instagram not working? Yes, the thing that is bothering now is that the world’s top social networking sites are stale.

This issue is bothering not only you, The who world facing this issue. Nobody knows what is the exact reason for this issue. 

The rise of social networking sites such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram has caused concern among users.

But this is a problem that is not only known in India but in the entire world. The social networking sites, which were okay until the evening, were experiencing this problem after about 1 hour.

Facebook, which has more than a billion users, has seen a surge in its service on WhatsApp and Instagram, which has caused users to panic.

Why WhatsApp is Not Working?Why WhatsApp is Not Working?

Whats is the problem?

As the world’s top social media platforms, Whatsapp Instagram, and Facebook are managed by the Facebook company, this issue might be has raised from the Facebook server.

Facebook Management has not yet confirmed the issues. Wish it will be rectified as soon as possible.


What is the solution?

Do not panic, Representatives of these well-known social networking sites have said that in due course, will confirm the problem and find the best solution for it as soon as possible. There is no need to fear.

Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram social media stale issues will definitely hit the digital marketing world and businesses based on the social media platforms. Hope this issue will sort it out as soon as possible.


Q: Facebook showing ‘This site can’t be reached’ error, Why?

A: As the whole world facing a social network issue, facebook showing this error. It will be resolved as soon as poosible

Q: Why Whatsapp is not working?

A: Since evening 9.10 PM whole world facing unexpected issue on all social media, Hope it will be resolved as soon as possible

Q: Instagram is not working?

A: Instagram application facebook error since 9.15 Pm today. As the Facebook company has not yet confirmed about this issue, no one can confirm the solution.



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