Highlights Of Prince Harry’s Exclusive Interview

Highlights Of Prince Harry’s Exclusive Interview


Prince Harry Interview highlight: Harry denied that he or Meghan had accused the royal family of racism, but said there were unconscious biases within the palace that had yet to be addressed.


These were the main points of Prince Harry’s first televised interview to unveil his new memoir “Spare”, which aired on Sunday. Harry told Britain’s ITV channel that he had endured “38 years of… deliberate twists and turns”.

Prince Harry Interview highlight

Harry said that he had no intention of harming anyone in his family by publishing the book. But he had to speak because some members decided to sleep with the devil to rehabilitate his image at the expense of him and his family.


Harry recalled walking past Princess Diana’s coffin at her funeral in 1997 when he was just 12 years old. Bridles jingled, you know, down the mall, hooves down the concrete and the occasional … gravel underfoot and the cries of the crowd, he recalled.


But otherwise, the complete silence will stay with me forever. Harry said he had read a secret government file on Diana’s death, compiled by his private secretary, with very graphic descriptions and photographs of the scene.


He said he drove as an adult through the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, where he died in a car accident. He said that there are many things that do not have an explanation. But I have already been asked if I want to open another investigation. Prince Harry Interview highlight. 


Harry spoke about his long-standing sibling rivalry with Prince William, how they used to fight as children, how William ignored him at school and Meghan tried to cut his beard before their wedding.


She also accused William of buying Meghan’s image for British tabloids, on one occasion causing William to physically attack her. Harry said that if he hadn’t sought treatment after his childhood trauma, he would have stood up for himself.


Harry said William and Kate are fans of the American legal drama “Suits” starring Meghan. But she didn’t expect to be involved with someone like Meghan, and as a divorced, biracial American actress she thought “there are a lot of stereotypes.”


That caused “a bit of a hurdle” to welcome him into the family, he said. However, Harry stressed that William never tried to marry Meghan.


Harry denied that he or Meghan had accused the royal family of racism, but said there were unconscious biases within the palace that had yet to be addressed. High-ranking prostitute Susan Hussey repeatedly asked black British charity worker Ngozi Fulani where the latest incident “really” came from, she said. Prince Harry Interview highlight.


Harry spoke at length about the British tabloid press, accusing it of collusion and collusion with the palace, as well as racism, cronyism and duplicity. He suggested that the negative coverage he and Meghan had suffered was a result of their legal claims against three British newspapers over alleged wiretaps.


The broader aim of the rights, he said, was to curb tabloid excesses. About what you want to achieve. Harry 100 % believes that he can reconcile with his family and it could have a ripple effect around the world,  Harry said. But she admitted that her father, King Carlos III, and her brother were unlikely to read her book or watch the interview.


Source: NDTV


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