DHB promises Knorr: “Sensational fanaticism in Germany”

DHB promises Knorr: “Sensational fanaticism in Germany”


DHB promises Knorr: National handball player Juri Knorr wants to see more objectivity in the evaluation of sports performance. There is a kind of sensation in Germany. When dealing with choice. Either we’re the greatest of nations or we’re stupid, 22-year-old Manheimer told Morgen in an interview.

DHB promises Knorr

He is curious as to how his mood will be after the World Cup. It’s up and down because you usually only see one moment or phase,” explained backcourt player Rain-necker Loewen. DHB promises Knorr.


Juri Knorr, who scored 13 goals against Iceland in a dress rehearsal for the World Cup in Poland and Sweden starting on Wednesday, speaks from experience. “I’ve always realized that things don’t always go uphill. But living through the worst phase is a different thing. Strange,” Knarr said, looking back at the valleys in his still-young professional work.


Considered favorites in the preliminary round group in Kattowitz with opponents Qatar, Serbia, and Algeria, the German team is not currently one of the main title contenders, Knorr said: “Our team is good, but we don’t have the quality like Sweden, Denmark or France. These teams consistently have the best players and the medals they have won in recent years. And have shown it with awards. We have not succeeded in that.


After a European Championship title in 2016 and an Olympic bronze in the same year, the German handball team remains without a medal in major events. Twelfth place in Egypt two years ago marked the worst World Cup placing in the history of the German Handball Association.




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