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Full Information About Daring President Vladimir Putin Biography

Vladimir Putin Biography: Tell who does not know the name of Vladimir Putin these days. He is well known for his straightforward and decision-making character. He is also a good friend of India’s beloved prime minister  Shree Narendra Modi. Vladimir Putin is a highlighted name in today’s Russia Ukraine war. Because Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia and has taken a very tough decision to announce war against Ukraine. 


Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad, U.S.S.R in 1952. Now, this Leningrad is known as St. Peterburg, Russia. Vladimir Putin is the second-longest current serving European president in Russia. Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. In this article, we will take a look at Vladimir Putin Biography, personal information, political information, and more.


Vladimir Putin Biography will give you information about his personal life, political life, income, net worth, contact information, interesting facts, interest, and hobbies, family information. Check out our previous article on Volodymyr Zelensky Biography.

Vladimir Putin Biography

Vladimir Putin Personal Information

Name: Vladimir Putin

Full Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Nick Name: VVP , Volodya ,Vova , Grey Cardinal

Date of Birth: 7 October 1952

Age: 70

Birth Place: Leningrad, Russian SFSR Soviet Union

Native: St Petersburg, Russia

Current Place: Saint Petersburg, Novo-Ogaryovo Russia

Height in centimeter: 168 cm (Approx)

Height in feet: 5.6 (Approx)

Height in meter: 1.68 (Approx)

Weight in Kg: 71 kg

Weight in pounds: 152lbs

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: Salt&pepper

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: Two

Qualification: Degree in Law

Nationality: Russian

Religion: Russian Orthodoxy

Zodiac Sign: Libra


Vladimir Putin Family Information

Father Name: Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin

Mother Name: Maria Ivanovna Putina

Brother Name: Albert Putin(Died), Viktor Putin(Died), 

Sister Name: N/A

Wife Name: Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya(Divorced in 2014)

Son Name: Kirill Shamalov

Daughter Name: Maria Putin(Elder), Yekaterina Putin


Vladimir Putin Education and Qualification

Primary School: St. Petersburg School

High School: St. Petersburg High School

College Name: St. Petersburg State University

Qualification: Degree in Law



Vladimir Putin Profession, Occupation

Occupation: Politician

Present Job: President of Russia 

Previous Job: Politician, Lawyer, Army officer

1999 to 2000: Acting Presidency

2000 to 2004: First Presidential term

2004 to 2008: Second Presidential term

2008 to 2012: Second Premiership

2012 to 2018: Third Presidential term

2018 to Present: Fourth Presidential term


Vladimir Putin Favorite things

Favorite Food: Pistachio ice cream

Favorite Book: Sankya by Zakhar Prilepin (Russian novel), The Beatles

Favorite Place: No Information Available

Favorite Actor: No Information Available

Favorite Actress: No Information Available

Favorite Film: No Information Available


Vladimir Putin Hobbies and Interest

Hobbies: Judo, Skiing, Ice hockey, Horse Riding, Fishing, swimming, Hunting

Interest: Politics


Vladimir Putin Income and Networth

Salary Per Month: $12,500

Income Per Year: $2,50,000

Networth: $70 Billion


Vladimir Putin Interesting Facts

Vladimir Putin does not smoke

Vladimir Putin drink alcohol

Vladimir Putin is a Black belt holder in Judo. And gained it at the age of 18

Vladimir Putin was the secret spy for the secret police agency

Vladimir Putin does not like to speak in English

Vladimir Putin worked in KGB as an officer for 16 years

Vladimir Putin knows the piloting the fighter plane

Vladimir Putin is the stronger and longest president of Russia


Vladimir Putin Awards and Recognitions 

2007: Time: Person of the Year

2007: Expert: Person of the Year

2011: The Kyrgyzstan parliament has named one of the peaks in the Tian Shan mountains as Vladimir Putin Peak.[

2011: Confucius Peace Prize

2015: Angel of Peace Medal

Doctorate recognitions: Four Times

14 Civilian awards by various countries


Vladimir Putin Contact Information

Instagram Profile: @leadervladimirputin

Twitter Profile: @Vladimir Putin 

Facebook Profile: @Vladimir Putin 

Wikipedia Profile: @Vladimir Putin 

Whatsapp Number: No Info Available


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Q: What is Vladimir Putin’s Networth?

A: $70 Billion


Q: What is Vladimir Putin’s religion?

A: Russian Orthodoxy


Q: How long is Putin President?

A: Vladimir Putin has served a total of 18 years as the president of Russia till today.


Q: Is Putin married?

A: Yes


Q: Who is Putin’s current wife?

A: Currently Putin does not have a wife


Q: Who is the current Russian prime minister?

A: Mikhail Mishustin


Q: What language do they speak in Ukraine?

A: Ukrainian


Q: What language do they speak in Russia?

A: Russian


Q: Does Putin have a daughter?

A: Yes, He has daughters named Maria Putin and Yekaterina Putin


Q: What is the full form of KGB?

A: The full of KGB is  Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti


Q: What’s the capital of Russia?

A: The capital of Russia is Moscow


Q: Is Russia in Europe or Asia?

A: Russia is in Europe continental.


Q: Who is Putin son?

A: Kirill Shamalov


Q: What religion is in Russia?

A: Orthodox Christianity


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