World’s most downloaded application I TikTok most downloaded app

The Short video app TikTok overtakes Facebook as the world’s most downloaded application

TikTok most downloaded app

Tokyo – A worldwide survey of downloads in 2020 shows TikTok, a video-sharing application created in China, on the first spot on the list of online media suppliers interestingly since the investigation was first directed in 2018. Now TikTok most downloaded app in the world.


Short video sharing app Tiktok has surpassed the facebook social media platforms in terms of most downloads. The top apps like WhatsApp, share chat, Instagram, Messenger, and so on stand after this Chinese entertainment app.


Even it is banned or prohibited by the government in some of the countries, is it still active globally and getting a lot of downloads. The mobile app’s total has been downloaded more than 2.6 billion worldwide since it has been launched. Still, this number is growing day by day. It is available on google for download. In fact, after banning the app drastically increased its downloading statistics.


There were a lot of users who were earned a lot of names, fame, and money from this popular app by uploading videos, they suffered a lot by banning it. these people still want to use apps.


Due to some accounts uploaded some adult content in the application, and this came into a risk factor. Rather than deleting these profiles, the company ignored this and not even given any deadline to users. So the scam people tried to take an advantage of this leverage. Tiktok is purely developed for fun videos sharing. TikTok most downloaded app.


For most of the users uploading, video has become the habit in their life so by uploading content continuously, they have reached top-level and gained a huge fan base. So there is a lot of people who become celebrities with this non-gaming app.


As worry for individual security develops, Telegram, an informing application that can erase posts, is additionally positioned high during a year when online media use has been driven up by the COVID-19 pandemic.


ByteDance dispatched the global form of TikTok in 2017 and has since overwhelmed Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger – which are all Facebook claimed – in downloads, even in the U.S.


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Some accept that individual data imparted to TikTok isn’t secure. In 2020, the previous President of America Donald Trump approached the organization to ban its U.S. activities or be prohibited. The application’s popularity nevertheless grew during the corona pandemic, when it became the leading download in Europe, South America, and the U.S.


Joe Biden pulled out the official leader request, yet vulnerabilities remain somewhere else. While The Financial Times gave an account of Sunday that ByteDance has restored plans to open up to the world in the coming months, a representative revealed to Nikkei Asia on Monday that the article was “incorrect,” demanding the organization has no current designs for a securities exchange posting.


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China’s Likee, a TikTok contender, makes short recordings that many organizations use for showcasing, and it positioned eighth in the most recent worldwide download association.


Toward the beginning of 2021, WhatsApp declared that it would impart informing information to Facebook identifying with communications among clients and organizations. Despite the fact that WhatsApp vowed to secure data about interchanges among loved ones, a few clients moved over to other applications.


Total Most Downloaded Apps worldwide in 2020

Tiktok – 2.6 Billion

Facebook – 985 Million

Instagram – 503 Million

Twitter – 11.7 Million

Telegram – 540 Million

Snapchat – 281 Million

Facebook Messanger – 522.81 Million

Likee – 330 Million






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