Taliban militants are being pushed out of the northern Baghlan

Anti-Taliban fighters throw out the Taliban militants from the districts in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan

The Taliban militants are being pushed out of the northern Baghlan province by militants opposing them. Militant groups have evicted the Taliban fighters from three districts in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province, two days after they were expelled from the district of Dasht-e-Archi.

The Taliban’s loss of control over these districts in northern Afghanistan has been attributed to a lack of resources for their fighters as well as support from NATO forces.


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With the help of the US Army, the militants have been able to evict the Taliban militants from 3 districts in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province.

The US-backed militants helped Afghan forces launch a new operation against the Taliban in Baghlan province on Monday. The militants have been able to retake control over Dushi, Khwaja Ghar, and Waghawtal districts and evicting Taliban fighters from them.

The provincial police chief Abdul Majeed Akhondzada also confirmed that militants were making advances in all directions. He also said that they were not facing any resistance from the local population as they advanced.


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Hundreds of people’s rally in Paris to support Afghans, urge president Macron to open humanitarian corridors

Hundreds of people including many of Afghanistan’s citizens rallied on the streets of Paris in support of the people of Afghanistan. The rally was organized to show support to Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and his government, and show them that they are not alone in their fight against terrorism.

This rally was planned by Afghan expats who are living in France. They were joined by French citizens, as well as politicians who took turns speaking to the crowd about terrorism and its effects on Afghanistan and its people.


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