David Krejci come back: David Krejci will not lead the Boston Bruins to championship glory

David Krejci will not lead the Boston Bruins to championship glory

David Krejci come back: Ever since the Boston Bruins canned Bruce Cassidy and convinced Patrice Bergeron to stick around, B’s fans and the media have been floating the idea of ​​David Krejci returning to Boston.

David Krejci Coming Back

And while getting the gang back for the last run would be a nice throwback, that’s the last thing the Bruins are looking for this offseason. David Krejci come back.


Perhaps his years playing in the Czech Republic brought Krejci to the fountain of youth. However, Bruins fans will quickly realize that the AHL-level competition of the Czech League did nothing to keep the always-slow Krejci from falling behind today’s rocket-fueled NHL.


The news that Bergeron is returning for another season has given a lot of B’s ​​fans false hope. Going at it again with a group that didn’t win anything last year, hopefully with the only real difference being a coaching change, will lead to a real title run this year. I don’t see how that is possible.


A month ago, I probably would have believed. I could have bought the B’s hot streak in the second half and thought, “Hey, maybe they’ll get hot again in time and go on a run.” But not after watching the Stanley Cup Finals. Not after seeing the Colorado Avalanche play hockey not only on a different planet from the Bruins but in a whole different universe of skill and speed. David Krejci come back.

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The Boston Bruins should focus on the future, not the past

Whether the Bruins’ front office accepts it or not, it’s time for the B’s to take a step back and try to build for the future. Bringing back David Krejci won’t do that. Yes, the team might get a little better this coming season. But not good enough to win a title, which is the only reason to justify his return.


It’s the same story every year with that group: elite regular seasons only to collapse in the playoffs unless their goaltender goes on a legitimately historic hot streak. And even when that happened in 2019, they still found a way to lose to the Saint Louis Blues in the match Stanley Cup Finals.


It’s past time to accept the fact that the old group was never good when it mattered and that reliving those days will only bring us more pain in next year’s playoffs. If the Bruins don’t want to be the story of the next generation, they need to start looking toward it now.


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