American football coach Nick Saban says Texas A&M ‘bought every player,’

American football coach Nick Saban says Texas A&M ‘bought every player,’

American football coach Nick Saban: Alabama coach Nick Saban bragged to the college football world on Wednesday night that Texas A&M has assembled the top recruiting class in the country because it bought “every player” with name, image, and likeness. Deals with.


Saban condemned the impact of money on recruitment and said the NIL was being used unfairly. In Alabama, they are its No. 1. He said of the 2-rank class, “We didn’t buy a player, right?”

American football coach Nick Saban says Texas A&M 'bought every player,'

Then Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher responded by setting up a press conference Thursday morning to respond quickly and pour gasoline on the fire.


Fisher did not stop, calling Saban a “narcissist” and saying “some people think he is a god.” Saban’s offensive coordinator at LSU from 2000 to 2004, Fischer laughed at his former boss’s assertion that there was practically always equality in college football and that the NIL threatened to undermine it.


“He’s the greatest ever, how’s that?” Fisher said. “When you get all the benefits, it’s easy.”


If the coach hadn’t talked about Saban’s comments before, they would have ended Fisher’s fiery news conference once. SEC aides said their phone was “blow-up” afterward. On the road to recruiting, he wanted to talk about all the high school coaches he was with at the time.


The comments hit the nerve, not just what was said and who said it, but because of the content involved. The signing class of 2022 is the first to have NIL as part of the recruiting process – directly or indirectly – and many coaches are worried about its impact. Frequently, he described the lack of rules as creating an atmosphere similar to “Wild, Wild West.”


But it is shocking that two coaches go directly behind each other, let alone the fact that they are two of the highest-paid and most accomplished coaches in the same conference and competing in the same division. Last October, Fisher finally killed the dragon and became the first of Saban’s former assistants to defeat Texas A&M Alabama in a walk-off field goal at home 41-38.


Another aide, who once worked for American football coach Nick Saban, said Fisher must have sensed an opening after the win and had the confidence to go on the offensive. Still, he and everyone who talked to him said, “What’s Jimbo thinking?” Wanted to know that. Yes, Saban is wrong. Saban crossed the line when Texas separated A&M, the aide said. More than that, he was surprised that Saban, who normally counts, was allowed to shoot what he did. “He must be clever,” said the assistant.


But why poke a bear? Like many others, the coach was surprised by Fisher’s response and suggested that “(American football coach Nick Saban) never said he was cheating.”


Whatever it was, it was shivering. “I don’t know who we’re playing that week,” Coach laughed, “but I’ll leave it to watch the Alabama-Texas A&M.” With 142 days left to host the Crimson Tide Aggies, ESPN has surveyed coaches and athletic directors across the country to get their feedback on the Fisher-Saban dustbin: what it means, what’s ahead, and what they expect when the two coaches meet at Bryant-Denny Stadium in October. – Alex Scarborough.


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