Bappi Lahiri Passed Away | Golder Singer of Bollywood is no More

Bappi Lahiri Passed Away | Golder Singer of Bollywood is no More

Bappi Lahiri Passed Away: A Senior music composer and well-known singer Bappi Lahiri have breathed his last yesterday in the hospital. Bappi Lahiri the Disco King died at the age of 69 at Mumbai’s Critty Care Hospital around 11 pm. He got a familiarity with his unique voice. He left behind his huge fan base and family yesterday and the Bollywood music industry lost a big asset from their bucket. 


The rear known fact and the real fact is the original name of Bappi Lahiri is Alokesh Lahiri, born on 27 November 1952 in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Bappi Lahiri is also famous as Bappi Da. He started playing tabla at the age of 3 and then made his debut in the Bengali film Dadu in 1972. Unfortunately, a film-fare award winner, a golden singer Bappi Lahiri Passed Away yesterday

Bappi Lahiri Passed Away

Bappi Lahiri made his debut in Hindi film Nanha Shikari in 1973. At the same time, Tahir Hussain’s Hindi film Zakmi in 1975 gave him a different identity. In the 80s, he gave Bollywood many memorable songs, but only Bappi Lahiri introduced ‘Disco Dance’ to Bollywood. After that Bappi Lahiri has become the Disco King of Bollywood.


Bappi Lahiri is very fond of gold ornaments and also Bappi Lahiri loves to sing devotional songs. We, the 80s and 90s kids grew up by listening to Bappi Lahiri’s devotional songs. We really not wanted to write a post on Bappi Lahiri Passed Away news. Because we cannot assume that he is no more. 


Five-time Filmfare award awardee Bappi Lahiri has done almost more than 100 songs and compositions. Bappi Lahiri also acted in some Bollywood movies as well. Bappi Lahiri’s father and mother are also well-known Bengali singers. Today Bappi Lahiri left behind his two daughters, family, and huge fan base. 


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Q: Is Bappi Lahiri is related to Kishor Kumar?, 

A: Yes, Kishor Kumar was a maternal uncle of Bappi Lahiri. 


Q: What is Bappi Lahiri real name?

A: Bappi Lahiri’s real name is Alokesh Lahiri


Q: Where is Bappi Lahiri born?

A: Bappi Lahiri was born in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India


Q: Who is Bappi Lahiri wife?

A: Chitrani Lahiri


Q: Who is Bappi Lahiri grandson?

A: Swastik Bansal




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