Nora Fatehi Tested Negative for coronavirus

Nora Fatehi tested negative for coronavirus

Actress Nora Fatehi, who tested positive for coronavirus in December, took to social media to confirm her negativity on coronavirus. Nora posted on her Instagram Story section, “Hey guys! I’ve finally tested negative! Thanks for all your prayers and beautiful messages. It’s rough! I’m going to keep working on getting my energy and energy back so I can kick ass this year. Stay safe in the meantime, guys.”

Last month, he revealed his Kovid-19 diagnosis on Instagram. A Nora spokesperson said, “As a spokesperson for Nora Fatehi, I would like to inform you that Nora Fatehi has tested positive for Kovid19 on December 28th. In accordance with protocols, Nora is restricted to physician supervision and cooperates with BMC for safety and regulations.

Nora Fatehi

Nora recently appeared in the video for the song Dancing Mary Queen with singer Guru Randhawa. He was out for the song promotion and appeared on reality shows like the Kapil Sharma Show, Bigg Boss 15. The song has been a huge hit since its premiere on December 21st. It has received more than 54 million views on YouTube.

Fatehi has presented a mix of diverse cultures and styles from different parts of Africa in her latest song ”Dance Mary Queen”. In addition to popular official Afro dance moves from countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana, Nora is focused on getting the right look as she wears gray blonde light brown hair for a look at the song.


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