FDA Repression on JUUL e-cigarettes sends vape users

The tendency of the Biden administration is always to shoot the business first and then clean up the unintended consequences

the leaking of its plan to ban control of jolt e-cigarettes and tease out regulation to cut nicotine in cigarettes.

No one disputes that tobacco is particularly harmful to young people

But wrong control can boomerang too. As our columnist Holman Jenkins noted

the 1998 state colony helped the big four tobacco companies to increase profits and cement their market share. Big business people love big government.

Juul Labs has disrupted the tobacco industry with its fruit-flavored e-cigarettes over the past decade, which has helped many quit smoking.

Nicotine patches don't work for everyone and some smokers prefer the inhaling sensation

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association in December found that adults who do not intend to quit smoking daily cigarettes