David Krejci will not lead the Boston Bruins to championship glory

Ever since the Boston Bruins canned Bruce Cassidy and convinced Patrice Bergeron to stick around, B’s fans and the media have been floating the idea of ​​David Krejci returning to Boston.

And while getting the gang back for the last run would be a nice throwback

that’s the last thing the Bruins are looking for this offseason. David Krejci come back.

Perhaps his years playing in the Czech Republic brought Krejci to the fountain of youth.

However, Bruins fans will quickly realize that the AHL-level competition of the Czech League did

nothing to keep the always-slow Krejci from falling behind today’s rocket-fueled NHL.

The news that Bergeron is returning for another season has given a lot of B’s ​​fans false hope.

Going at it again with a group that didn’t win anything last year, hopefully with the only real difference being a coaching change, will lead to a real title run this year

A month ago, I probably would have believed. I could have bought the B’s hot streak in the second half and thought, “Hey, maybe they’ll get hot again in time and go on a run.”