Best Alternstive for Xender App 2022

SuperBeam App

Superbeam app is the best alternative for the Xender app to share files like photos, images, folders, movies, pdfs, and more using WIFI Direct. 

Files by Google App

Files By Google App was developed by Google itself. You can transfer images, videos, folders using the Files by Google app. This app also helps to clear junk files, duplicate files, and more

JioSwitch App

JoiSwitch app developed and part of Reliance Jio Suite. This app allows users to share files and transfer any files to another device using WiFi direct. 

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere app is another simple file sharing application where you can share and transfer any apps, images, videos between devices.

ShareAll App

ShareAll app is a simple and easy-to-use file-sharing application that is very small in size. The ShareAll app allows users to quickly share images, files, apps, and more with other devices